Friday, 28 December 2007

Going Japanese

After a week-long holiday break, imagine my pleasant surprise finding little brown parcel welcoming me on my desk. The parcel contains the above CD's: two are from artistes making a comeback of sorts, one from cancer while other from the paparazzi, while the other one is currently reigning the charts. You may be perplexed as to why i would go out of my to buy these albums online, when not only all of them are available locally, but two of my friends already have one each. Well, those who know me will appreciate that these CD's are not just any regular CD. These are Japanese Editions.
So what's so special about Japanese Edition CD's? For some reason i do not know of, in Japan, locally pressed CD's are more expensive than imports. But, the difference in price is made up by some very special features that makes Japanese Editions very very desirable among audiophiles. First is the bonus tracks: Alicia has five tracks, Britney has four and Kylie has two. Second is the printed lyrics, both in English and Japanese translation, which is a rare feature in albums these days. And finally, there are the exclusive premiums: Kylie gives a sample of her new perfume, while Britney offers an bejeweled name sticker.
So, if you are a sucker for special, limited and collector editions like myself (hehe...) do check out their respective Japanese editions when they are released. My main source is

Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Xmas - For successful giving

Though I don’t celebrate Christmas, I always have fond perceptions of what the archetypal merriment should include: Santa, reindeer's, snow, the tree, red and green decorations, jingle bells, stockings, carols, and of course the prezzies…

But I’m well aware that to fellow Christians, it means much much more that that: it is the festival of the human heart, the rebirth of the soul and the return of the Light to earth.

Christmas is also about family, and, ultimately about giving, universal traits common in all faiths and denominations. Thus, as the new year approaches, may we all endeavour to tauten the spiritual and physical bonds in our lives and to give selflessly to those in need, in any way that we can.

PS: on a lighter note, for tips and tricks on successful giving, do head over at Although, for me buying Diesel for myself or for giving it away as present may prove to be a difficult decision indeed. Hehehe :)

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Season's Greetings

DIESELFREAK would like to wish a Happy Holiday season to all its readers

Peace and goodwill to all...

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Your Brown & Floral's

Last week I asked the invitees thier interpretation of BROWN & FLORAL... Lets see what they have come up with (in random order... hehehe)

The man of the hour looking resplendent in floral creme matched with British India khakis for that colonial chic look...

Interesting look by opting floral in a geometric design coupled with curduroys. Notice something funny with the pic?

Looking jovial in a burnt sienna batik motif with pleated pants

Winner of the nights best dressed is deservedly so: Bold floral prints in earth tones encapsulates the nights theme

Intricate traditional batik design paired with denim for that east meets west look

Lookin suave in a brown shirt with subtle floral design

Mixing it with casual distressed denim and embroided short sleaves

Lookin preppy in a shirt with geometric designs

Hmmm... not floral but definately brown (hehehe). Keeping it real in rakish looking T

Dark brown long sleves with subtle design, matched with captoes. Not bad for a list minute find

Hollywood glam in khaki suit with detailing accented with pink dress shirt for that extra puch of colour

Monday, 10 December 2007

Brown & Floral '07

3.15 pm: B'day boy and friend, just arrived from JB having a quick cuppa'

3.30pm: B'day boy showing off the his first prezzie - DIESELFREAK approves!

5.00 pm: Almost ready for the big event - B'day boy & Singapore guest

5.30 pm: Dig in at Jugoya, Starhill

6.00 pm: Celebrity snaps - strike a pose!

6.02 pm: PPC (aka pose-pose chantek)

6.04 pm: Lookin' good

8.00 pm: Don't forget to highlight new gadgets & gizmo's (if any)

9.30 pm: After event activities

DIESELFREAK would like to thank the B'day boy for his generosity and hospitality and the wonderful gathering of fun & friends.

Thursday, 6 December 2007

What's your brown & floral?

This is an exclusive sneak preview of what i shall be wearing at a very anticipated gathering this Saturday evening. It is to celebrate the birthday a very good friend, the theme for the night being BROWN & FLORAL. It is a mixed bag of items: some bought on sale, some bought at retail price. They are sourced from both East and West: from Italy, France, Portugal, all the way to Hong Kong and China (hehehe...)
As simple as the theme may sound, it was actually quite difficult to find a suitable brown and floral shirt (oops). Over the past month or so, I have have scoured almost every conceivable brand at shopping malls in both Malaysia and Singapore. This is because, brown & floral to me is all about understated elegance:.Something that is sophisticated but not flashy. Timeless not trendy. But I suppose that is part of the challenge and fun in these themed parties, so that you could look forward to wearing something special for a special occasion.
I am soo looking forward to this Saturday night event: A celebration of friendship and good company. And soo looking forward to the other guests interpretation of the theme. So i ask again: what's your brown & floral?

Sunday, 2 December 2007

My new baby

Finally got my 'Damier Multiple' last Friday. Bliss... :)

Monday, 26 November 2007

Great minds think alike

I'm in seventh heaven right now! Two of my all time favourite brands are joining forces to create an exclusive denim collection, proving that once again, great minds do think alike. Hopefully these jeans will make it to our shores next year at the adidas Originals stors in KLCC and Pavillion Kuala Lumpur.

adidas Originals Spring/Summer 2008: Introducing adidas Originals Denim by Diesel
On February 1, 2008

Two iconic lifestyle brands, adidas Originals and Diesel will launch a landmark product collaboration – adidas Originals Denim by Diesel. The first denim collection to result from this four year relationship is a collectible line of extremely detailed, premium denim for true jeans lovers, designed in conjunction with the adidas Originals and the Diesel Creative Team, latter headed by Creative Director Wilbert Das.

Two male and two female models presented in four different washes will be available exclusively at adidas Originals stores all around the world starting spring/summer 2008. Prices range from 160 Euro for the female adi-rohnary model up to 210 Euro for the male adi-viker model. Representing the long-term partnership of the two brands, the range is recognizable by the adidas Originals Trefoil and the Diesel co-branding.

adidas Originals and Diesel – two global brands that stand for authenticity, self-expression and creativity for the fashion forward - have come together in the spirit of unconstrained exploration and collaboration.

“I am an adidas fan myself and I am very excited about this project! It is the first time that Diesel creates a denim line with another lifestyle brand and we wanted to do it with adidas that shares with us the same fresh attitude and care for high quality and creativity” said Renzo Rosso, President of Diesel. “This is the first time that we have entered into a collaboration of this kind with adidas Originals, and we would only do this with the right partner who brings our consumer something truly unique,” explained Hermann Deininger, CMO adidas Sport Style Division. "Now when a consumer walks into one of our stores, we can offer them a complete look - from a track top to jeans to a pair of sneakers.”

The unconditional approach to individuality and expression shared by both brands is presented in the first Originals Denim by Diesel collection and the below the line campaign to celebrate both authenticity and originality.

The general concept behind the different campaign executions is the expression of “83 original ways to successfully waste your time” by presenting playful, inspiring ways to encourage open, uninhibited self-expression and celebrate originality. 83 inspirations is just a start to invite everybody to share ideas in adidas Originals stores, online and through events. Because staying open to others is what being unconstrained is all about.

Saturday, 24 November 2007

The definition of Luxury

Look up the word 'luxury' in the Oxford English Dictionary, and you may find the following:


  1. the state of great comfort and extravagant living.

  2. an inessential but desirable item

The definition seems awfully foreboding, something that is bad, in excess and smells of caste hierarchy. But for all of its negative connotations, luxury to me is essentially a driving force of human nature. Why? Doesn't everyone wants to make better of their lives? To live more productively, more financially able, more healthily, and even per chance, more spiritually? I would like to think that what luxury really means is that it is the pursuit of betterment and success, but in tangible terms.

It is with this (very deep) frame of mind, plus a tinge of excitement and anxiety, that me and a couple of my friends had recently set foot into a certain boutique which is the embodiment of luxury. It has always been a dream of ours to one day own at least a small item from this iconic institution. And that day was now as we feel that ourselves had achieved considerable good fortune in our lives and careers and as such intend to celebrate in a special way. But, before anyone jumps into the wrong conclusions, we are also very grounded in reality: what the Oxford definition conveniently omits is that luxury also comes with a steep price (hehehe...)

So, enough of the psycho-babble and on with the pics:

Friday, 16 November 2007

Introducing DIESEL BLACK GOLD collection

Redefining Prêt-à-Porter
Diesel strikes Black Gold with a new casual-luxe collection
Thursday, November 15, 2007

(NEW YORK) All that glitters isn't gold--it's Black Gold. At least it will be once Diesel debuts its newest collection, a line that offers consumers an alternative to contemporary brands while maintaining the individual design element the active lifestyle brand is known for.

"We were pioneers in introducing premium denim to the luxury world and now we are ready to define a new concept of prêt-à-porter," said Renzo, Diesel's president and founder. "Diesel Black Gold is an exclusive collection dedicated to those looking for the unpredictable Diesel spirit blended with a sophisticated individual style."

The newly conceived men's and women's line was designed by a team led by Diesel's creative director Wilbert Das. For Das, the Black Gold collection, "boasts fashionable pieces, refined fabrics, unexpected detailing, and special treatments, all combined with Diesel's strong personality and casual twist." It will premiere for the Fall/Winter 2008 season during New York's Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in February. Shoes, bags, and other accessories bearing the Diesel Black Gold label will launch in Spring 2009. The collection will bear its own unique tag featuring gold lettering on a black backdrop. Price points for jackets range between 220 and 600 euros, while T-shirts will range between 50 and 150 euros.

Diesel Black Gold, which joins the already existing Diesel Denim Gallery as well as the main Diesel collection, will be distributed in its own premium flagships, select department stores, independent contemporary stores, and online retailers. Overall, the collection will be available worldwide in about 850 wholesale contemporary points of sale and 150 premium Diesel stores, including Diesel's new virtual store Diesel Style Lounge, on

Source: Fashionweek 15 Nov 2007

Wednesday, 14 November 2007


The emergence of reality talent competitions has definitely injected new blood and provided fresh muses to our local composers, producers, lyricists and music industry as a whole to thrive. On the other hand, the plethora reality artistes nowadays have also raised questions on their credibility and longevity, hence the 'instant noodle' connotation plaguing many a hopeful. Nonetheless, every once in a while diamonds in the rough are discovered. Given the opportunity, guidance and an unwavering belief in their raw potential, these budding talents will most surely blossom.

None is more so than Diddy, a graduate of the 4th season of the ratings smash Akademi Fantasia. In his debut album, Diddy reveals the different sides his personality through an eclectic choice of audio-forward pop songs, with a touch of hip-hop and rock. The sparsely produced record serves to accentuate his smooth 'manly' vocals to great affect. The result includes the lusciously haunting HILANG (featuring operatic vocals by Nikki), already a semifinalist in this years Anugerah Juara Lagu; while the mesmerising SAAT is a study of sublime vocal delivery accompanied by only piano arrangement. Diddy plays on his cheerful side with the SALING TERPESONA, a duet with Yanie which served to introduced both to fans. While other fast tracks LENA and KUBU oozes with suave and understated cool. Overall a surprisingly mature and confident offering and definitely raises the bar for his other reality peers.


  1. Lena (Audi Mok/Nur Fatima)****

  2. Hilang (Audi Mok/Bash)*****

  3. Bosan (Shazzy/Bash)***

  4. Kubu (Audi Mok/Ad Samad)****1/2

  5. Bebas (Audi Mok/Bash)****

  6. Saling Terpesona - duet with Yanie (Audi Mok/Nur Fatima)****1/2

  7. Sana (Azan Addin/Azan Addin)***1/2

  8. Genggam (Audi Mok/Imran)***1/2

  9. Puja (Audi Mok & Faizal Tahir/Bash)***

  10. Saat (Zain/Bash)*****

Friday, 9 November 2007

The art of successful shopping

Step 1: When embarking on a shopping expedition, it is advisable to bring along your friends whom have impeccable taste, for their views and opinions.

Step 2: Approach your favourite boutique with heightened anticipation.

Step 3: Once inside, do soak in the atmosphere and have a general glance though of the entire collection.

Step 4: Don't forget to check out the signature items of what your favourite brand is famous for, in this case its jeans, jeans, jeans!

Step 5: Pay close attention to the cutting, fit, wash and detailing. Don't be embarrassed to try on ALL the items of interest and ask for opinions. Remember, what looks good on the rack may not necessarily look good on you!

Step 6: Once satisfied with your choices, proceed to cashier for payment. Do provide the relevant loyalty cards for point accumulation and any extra privileges. Feel free to snap snap at the cashiers for freebies for catalogues, samples and gift premiums.

Step 7: Breath a sigh of relief once the payment transaction is approved. Save any regrets that you may have for later when the statement arrives, hehehe...

Step 8: Finally, step out for the store with glee and display your purchases to the world proudly. Repeat steps 1 - 8 as often as possible, finances permitting of course ;)

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Anugerah Juara Lagu 22

Below are the nominations for the 22nd Anugerah Juara Lagu semifinals, to be held on the 11th (Irama Malaysia & Etnik Kreatif) , 18th (Balada) and 25th November (Pop Rock). In a departure from previous years, 5 songs will be selected from the Balada and Pop Rock Categories respectively, while the remainder 3 from Irama Malaysia & Etnik Kreatif.

ps: My picks for the finals are as highlighted... whats yours?

Pop Rock(Composer/Lyricist/Artist)

  • Aku Pencinta Mu - Ajai/Ajai/Felix
  • Angan Dan Sedar - M.Nasir/Loloq/Mawi
  • Janjiku - Taja/Tass/Sofaz
  • Percayalah Sayang - Vince/M.Zulkifli/Vince
  • Farhana(Bumi Kenyalang) - Denai/Andy Rahman/Jinbara
  • Destinasi Cinta - Lin Li Zen/Pssn/Datuk Siti Nurhaliza
  • 3 Malam Tanpa Bintang - Master G/Azmeer/Fiq
  • Sembunyi - Aidit Alfian/Loloq/Misha & Andy
  • Itu Kamu - Estranged/Rachael Lawrence/Estranged
  • Satu Harapan - Audi Mok/Mabel Liew/Jac


  • Bisakah - Aubrey Suwito/Tessh RS/Datuk Siti Nurhaliza
  • Izinku Pergi - Azlan Abu Hassan/Sulu Sarawak/Kaer
  • Harapan - Hazami/Hazami/Fazli Zainal
  • Andainya - Hadi Hassan/J. Looi/Nieyl
  • Mahakarya Cinta - Audi Mok/Mohd Shariza Shamsiri/Faizal Tahir
  • Kasih Tercipta - Ajai/Shuhaimi Baba/Faizal tahir
  • Hilang - Audi Mok/Bash/Diddy
  • Paluan Rindu Mu - M.Nasir/Keon/Idayu
  • Sejuta Nafas Cinta - Hazami/Loloq/Fazli Zainal
  • Ceritera Cinta - Ross Ariffin/Habsah Hassan/Jac & Rio Febrian

Irama Malaysia & Etnik Kreatif

  • Samudera - Johan Nawawi/Ahmad Fedtri Yahya/Nora
  • Joget Cinta Sakti - El Widyan/Fajrul Norman Rashid & Al Walid/Haziq & Rosma
  • Nazam Asmara - S. Atan/Siso/Nas Adilla
  • Seteguh Cinta - Hafiz Hamidun/Ito Lara/Waheeda
  • Lagu Penglipur Lara - Julfeqar/Umar Kadat/Farawahida
  • Kasihnya Balkis - Adnan Abu Hassan/Moharis Yaakup/Aishah
  • Suryakanta - Sharon Paul/Ahmad Fedtri Yahya/Zehra Zambri
  • Joget Gadis Melayu - Pak Ngah/Siso/Syura
  • Dirgahayu - Radeen Sri/Hairul Anuar Harun/Ramlah Ram
  • Istimewa Tiada Dua - Hazami/Hazami/Nice & Hazami

Thursday, 1 November 2007

DIESEL's winning combo

FW 2002

FW 2007

DIESEL is at it again! After collaborating with the doyen of haute couture, Karl Lagerfeld to produce an exclusive line of skintight women's jeans in 2002, another winning combo is currently in the works. The creative director of Dior, John Galliano is joining with DIESEL to create his first childrenswear range. The 5-year licensing agreement will see the first collection coming out in January 2008.

After the ladies and kids getting thier dues , I am hoping that there will also be something of this nature for the guys in the near future. Bespoke suits from DIESEL+Tom Ford perhaps?

Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Hell unleashed... and London is calling!

So today on Halloween, 31 Oct 2007, hell is unleashed upon the citizens of London! The minions of darkness has spewed upon the world of the living, destroying and corrupting everything in its wake. Salvation now lies in the hands of a select few (that is you) to defend the last vestiges of humanity from eternal damnation.

It may come as a surprise to many who know me that I, on occasion, do dabble onto a good PC game! Nothing gives me great satisfaction that to annihilate them baddies with a quick click of a mouse or a fancy combo of keys. And there is no game i look forward to more than Hellgate: London, the 'spiritual successor' to the clickfest that is Diablo. I have ordered my collectors edition DVD and now preparing for the sleepless night ahead. Now, if only I have a smacking new PC play it with, hehehe... In the meantime, i will have to settle salivating at these gorgeous screenshots:

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Congratulations Governor!

Bank Negara Malaysia governor Tan Sri Dr Zeti Akhtar Aziz got an A for the fifth year in a row in the 2007 CENTRAL BANKER REPORT CARD survey issued by Global Finance Magazine. The magazine said that her "even-handed management of monetary policy has helped Malaysia to successfully weather this year’s global and regional financial turmoil".

Congratulations boss... your success is ours as well. Hopefuly this years bonus quantum would reflect the good news and commensurate accordingly, hehehe... ;)

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

DIESEL's Double Take

Look carefully at the picture above… could you spot the difference?

The background picture is a page from the August 2007 Details magazine, while the inset is from the Diesel AW2007 catalogue that I obtained from my Bangkok shopping escapade last month. Both show the same model, porting two different sets of outfits, gazing (or rather posing) sternly at a little brat for roughing it a bit too much at the clone reproduction chamber, resulting in a specimen of prime bodily spare parts going to waste.

Like the age old idiom: boys will be boys, that is how the good folks at Diesel cheekily prophesied that even in the distant sci-fi future where technology takes centre stage in everything in our lives, we are still essentially ‘human after all’. The AW 2007 campaign, produced by the French advertising agency Marcel Paris, is photographed by renowned Swedish video director Johan Renck, marking his first foray into shooting a stills campaign (trivia: Renck is the director for Madonna’s music videos: NOTHING REALLY MATTERS and HUNG UP!). Meanwhile, the clothing is styled by the legendary Patti Wilson, who has worked for the likes DSquared2 and Dolce& Gabanna (anyone notices a pattern here?).

So is there an error in the printing? Should the combo be military green cotton jacket + khakis + leather shoes OR black leather jacket + denim jeans + sneakers? Either way, both looks are hot!

Friday, 19 October 2007

Hazami – Nyata ****

You know your in for an aural roller coaster ride when the first thing you hear is a Mariah Carey like whistle – sweet and delicate before bursting into the joyous big band raucous that is AYUH, the first track from the singer songwriter Hazami's third album. Perhaps to infuse variation and freshness into his repertoire this time around, the album features an eclectic mix of R&B, pop, dance and Motown jazz while preserving his mainstay of signature ballads. Coming off on the heels of Anuar Zain’s latest opus, comparisons between the two crooners are inevitable. While this album slightly lacks the production polish and immediacy of his peer, Hazami’s willingness to experiment is both brave and commendable.

That is not to say that the album is not without it's highlights. The Audi Mok penned BUKAN IGAUAN, a stomper of a song that could have been the lovechild of Amerie’s ‘1 Thing’ + Beyonce’s ‘DejaVu’, showcases Hazami’s falsetto doing a one upmanship with wood instruments (also features backing vocals by Nikki); while the potential club hit YANG KU MAHU manages to channel Daft Punk electronica replete with vocoder effects. Meanwhile, Hazami’s accomplished songwriting skills are much evident in the haunting KATA CINTA MADAH DUSTA, the yearning SEMPAT, as well as the inspiring TIADA DIKAU TIADA DAKU, a tribute to his parents. Hazami also utilizes his resources to the fullest by featuring his choir group, ‘Music & Me Vocals’ as backing in many of the songs to great effect.

Overall, ‘Nyata’ is definitely Hazami’s most satisfying release to date and would further cement his reputation as one of the most talented artistes in the Malaysian music industry.

  1. Ayuh (Neal/Hazami) ****
  2. Tiada Dikau Tiada Daku (Hazami) ****
  3. Kata Cinta Madah Dusta (Hazami) *****
  4. Fikir (Hazami) ***
  5. Restu (Hazami / Azlan Abu Hasan) *** 1/2
  6. Tidak Mungkin (Hazami) ****
  7. Bukan Igauan (Hazami/ Audi Mok) *****
  8. Yang Ku Mahu (Hazami/ Audi Mok) ****
  9. Sempat (Hazami) ****
  10. Sepi (Hazami)***1/2
  11. Kiblatku (Hazami / Azlan Abu Hasan) ****