Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Xmas - For successful giving

Though I don’t celebrate Christmas, I always have fond perceptions of what the archetypal merriment should include: Santa, reindeer's, snow, the tree, red and green decorations, jingle bells, stockings, carols, and of course the prezzies…

But I’m well aware that to fellow Christians, it means much much more that that: it is the festival of the human heart, the rebirth of the soul and the return of the Light to earth.

Christmas is also about family, and, ultimately about giving, universal traits common in all faiths and denominations. Thus, as the new year approaches, may we all endeavour to tauten the spiritual and physical bonds in our lives and to give selflessly to those in need, in any way that we can.

PS: on a lighter note, for tips and tricks on successful giving, do head over at diesel.com. Although, for me buying Diesel for myself or for giving it away as present may prove to be a difficult decision indeed. Hehehe :)

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Hazry said...

i tgk advert Diesel kat TV Spore ari tue... meletup!