Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Your Brown & Floral's

Last week I asked the invitees thier interpretation of BROWN & FLORAL... Lets see what they have come up with (in random order... hehehe)

The man of the hour looking resplendent in floral creme matched with British India khakis for that colonial chic look...

Interesting look by opting floral in a geometric design coupled with curduroys. Notice something funny with the pic?

Looking jovial in a burnt sienna batik motif with pleated pants

Winner of the nights best dressed is deservedly so: Bold floral prints in earth tones encapsulates the nights theme

Intricate traditional batik design paired with denim for that east meets west look

Lookin suave in a brown shirt with subtle floral design

Mixing it with casual distressed denim and embroided short sleaves

Lookin preppy in a shirt with geometric designs

Hmmm... not floral but definately brown (hehehe). Keeping it real in rakish looking T

Dark brown long sleves with subtle design, matched with captoes. Not bad for a list minute find

Hollywood glam in khaki suit with detailing accented with pink dress shirt for that extra puch of colour


Hazry said...

Thanks to all for your support utk bday theme Brown & Floral. Really appreciate it! Tak sangka, even Malik yg stras pun pakai brown jugak... heheheh

dieselfreak said...

maliq pakai brown sbb u dah warning siapa tak ikut tema kena foot the bill.. hehe