Monday, 10 December 2007

Brown & Floral '07

3.15 pm: B'day boy and friend, just arrived from JB having a quick cuppa'

3.30pm: B'day boy showing off the his first prezzie - DIESELFREAK approves!

5.00 pm: Almost ready for the big event - B'day boy & Singapore guest

5.30 pm: Dig in at Jugoya, Starhill

6.00 pm: Celebrity snaps - strike a pose!

6.02 pm: PPC (aka pose-pose chantek)

6.04 pm: Lookin' good

8.00 pm: Don't forget to highlight new gadgets & gizmo's (if any)

9.30 pm: After event activities

DIESELFREAK would like to thank the B'day boy for his generosity and hospitality and the wonderful gathering of fun & friends.

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Hazry said...

Hi Dieselfreak... Glad 2 have u around... Thank you for making Bday: Brown & Floral a BIG success.... And thank you for the birthday gifts... I love them all!