Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Diesel Black Gold FW09 preview

Photos by Scott Gries/Getty Images.

While Fifth Avenue was abuzz with the landing of Diesel Planet NY, on the other side of town, Bryant Park played host to the third outing of the Black Gold collection during the FW09 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

Set to a live jazz performance, the collection  embodies the music genres sense of improvising and modernity, channelling what some are calling as ‘hobo-chic’: think impoverished robber barons, facing down the Great Depression in their now-wrecked Gilded Age wardrobes. Suits patterned with distressed variants of Prince of Wales checks and topped of with grey felt bowlers. Completing the look are gunmetal travel bags or coffee-coloured pouches with a kitbag drawstring effect.











Runway credits:

Diesel Creative Director - Wilbert Das // Styling - Patti Wilson // Production - Inca Productions // Lighting - Chris Nyfield & IMCD Lighting // Music - Joost Van Bellen // Hair - Eugene Souleiman at Streeters London // Make Up - Charlotte Tilbury and the M.A.C. Pro Team // Nails - Creative Nail Design // Casting - Rami and Maida.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Bigger just got better

Pictures by freshnessmag.com and Will Femia


Barely weeks after the opening Diesel Planet Milano, the denim giant superseded itself again by officially launching its biggest Planet on the planet in the Big Apple.

Located at the world-famous (and most expensive) Fifth Avenue on the corner of 54th Street, Diesel Planet New York is a 20,000 sq ft behemoth, spreading over 3 stories of Italian-made interior. If that's not eye-catching enough, the exterior wall features Diesel iconic emblem, the Mohawk head in all its hand-cut black steel and cast glass glory.

As with its other three Planets in Milan, Tokyo and Hong Kong, the store will showcase all of the seasons Diesel and Diesel Black Gold collections: a cornucopia apparel, bags, footwear, intimates, leather goods, jewellery, timeframes, shades and fragrances under one roof. Most impressive of all is the denim range, which features over 700 different denim styles and washes on every floor. How's that for choice!




To help choose the ‘one’ amongst the 700 denim styles on offer, customers can employ the assistance of the full-length magic mirrors, where a snapshot of their backside is taken while looking into the mirror from front-on.

And, to make that ‘one’ even more extra special, apart from same day alterations with tailoring done on-site; as an added touch, Diesel customers will have the option of customizing the inside waistband of their denim purchases with their name or initials using a unique laser-etching technology.







The discerning "Power Shopper" can also expect VIP treatment from its multilingual staff, as well as complementary recharging of mobile phones; pick up an umbrella/rain poncho or grab a jumbo shopping bag to place all of their daily purchases inside.

As always the Planet is all about an out-of-this-world shopping experience: the store has messenger service, Wi-Fi and e-commerce portals through out. Plus, to entertain visitors, mini DJ booths will provide lively music mix on every floor.

"It's the dream of each brand to open such an amazing store on Fifth Avenue! It represents one of the greatest goals for Diesel, the accomplishment of a 30-year dream as well as the beginning of a new adventure; this street is the most important shopping window of the world that gets me excited every time I come to New York" says Renzo Rosso, president of Diesel.

Monday, 9 February 2009

Don’t mind doin’ it for the kids…


untitled 2

At Diesel, the children’s fashion line is not simply a copycat  of the adult line or even to design oversize doll clothing: they have their own course of R&D, styling and image. That is why in coming up with the AW 2008 campaign, Diesel tries to capture the innate sense of adventure and free wheeling imagination of our ever inquisitive bambinos. The result is the print campaign and short film which won a Gold for Online Film in the Interactive category at the Epica Awards 2008 entitled “The Explorers of the Past and Future”. Click the link to experience your long-lost childhood, hehe…

Friday, 6 February 2009

It’s show time!

Malaysia’s most beloved musical is back for a third (and final) season at Istana Budaya, Kuala Lumpur. I have seen it on its first run a few years back and words cannot describe how spectacular the whole production is. Cannot wait to witness the original lead cast: Tiara, Stephen, Adlin and AC reprise their roles one more time this Saturday afternoon!

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

So, what does the world’s biggest DIESEL store look like?


In two words? : A Planet.

Yup, this is not your typical flagship store. What the DIESEL PLANET represents is the whole ‘successful living’ ethos encapsulated in a sprawling 1,500 sq meters of retail space. Located in at the intersection of Piazza San Babila and Corso Vittorio Emanuele, one of Milano’s bussiest shopping streets, this mega-space consists of three levels that showcases all the collections and lines of the brand.

Diesel Founder Renzo Rosso Tells WWD:

“This is a fantastic store, and its large size allows us to present the collection in an incredible way, respecting the theme of the season. I’m proud I waited for the right location, and I’m very pleased with business here so far”.


No snobbish doorman here, Diesel fans will be greeted virtually via their cell phones upon entering this wonderland, courtesy of the integrated WIFI throughout the entire premises. At the entrance, an enormous wall of denim will welcome fans. On it, over 150 models are displayed indifferent colour, 5000 types in total.



Wireless technology also powers other unique innovations. To find out that particular pair jeans that fits you, you can let a PC to choose for you the perfect cut and wash. Once you find a potential candidate to try on, the store provides digital magic mirrors that give a 360° view of your silhouette. There is no pressure to decide here, as the friendly store assistants will discreetly be able to check out customers wirelessly anywhere in the store. The WIFI connection allows you to shop in the on-line boutique (although that would in a way defeat the whole purpose of actually going to a brick-and-mortar store, hehe…)

Moving up the spiral staircase which is the centrepiece of the store, customers will be able to notice architectural details such as the crystal, curved wall measuring 7 metres high that spreads from one side of the store to the other. Here, the store houses the uber Black Gold collection, Diesel Kids, accessories galore as well as the home furnishing line. Those who feel like splurging can also order the 500 Fiat by Diesel will also be available for purchase.

And for Diesel lovers who like it retro (or just perchance hoping to finally lay their hands of the coveted X-Rotuck 796 jeans, hehe…) there is a special vintage area with Diesel products that have reached cult status from the 70’s available!





Shopping here is surely a feast of the senses: in-house music will be played live, thanks to the permanent DJ booth which is installed to feature world renowned DJ’s. Also, continuously changing perfume essences will transcend throughout each floor. Enlightened fashionistas (surely those two words go together) would appreciate the in store library which sells the best editions in fashion and design published by Tashen, including the XXX of Diesel Communication.

The Diesel Planet Milan is one of only three stores worldwide - the other two are in Ginza,Tokyo and Queens Road, Hong Kong. Diesel is now gearing up to open its fourth Planet on 5th Avenue and 54th Street in New York this Spring .

ps: All these planetary conquests are good news. Now, if only Kuala Lumpur would have its own store. A teeny weenie one would do. Or a corner lot. Or a kiosk. Or a shop-in-shop. Or whatever. Sigh. Even a friend of mine tells me that Jakarta now carries the Diesel Denim Gallery line at the newly opened Harvey Nichols there. Club21 Pte Ltd are you listening?