Monday, 27 September 2010

Urusan Aizat Amdan****

Urusan Aizat Amdan

In another clear example that not winning do not necessarily equate to failure if the talent is undeniable (read: Faizal Tahir), another reality star has steadily but surely increased in stature to become a reputable force in the local music industry.

That Aizat, the AF Season 5 alumni, would be rising star that he is today has indeed surprised many (he only lasted up to week seven). Yet his success is  deservedly so: witness the breakout hits ‘Kau Aku’ and ‘Hanya Kau Yang Mampu’ from his first effort, (literally titled) Percubaan Pertama. Riding on the latest trend of online  distribution, these songs hit the right nerve with the tween and the socially connected generation, as as a result has been legally downloaded an outstanding 1.3 million (and counting) times, a record that translates into real mega-bucks. His debut album also served up with other smash singles, Lagu Kita and Fikirlah. And, after a good showing in two successive Anugerah Juara Lagu finals, anticipation is sky high for his sophomore effort.

Clearly that is what on this young artistes’ mind when releasing the follow-up URUSAN AIZAT AMDAN. From its creative title and packaging, to the thoughtful song-writing and impeccable production, the self financed album speaks of progression and musical acumen that betrays his age. Tonally, the seven track album more mature than that his debut, with influences from Brit and alt-rock acts that are his inspirations more forthcoming. The addition of two English tracks further expands his repertoire to surprising results.

The album kicks of with YEARS FROM NOW, the excellent upbeat opener with a an intriguing introspective underbelly: here Aizat boldly contemplates his future career and life direction right of the bat! With the 70’s-esque strings and unmistakable ‘pah-rup-pup pah’ backing vocals, the song sounds surprisingly fresh unlike anything on the current radio waves. On the next song, Aizat tempers the mood with the MANA OH MANA, a simmering ballad of yearning love and builds into rock out crescendo. Here, Aizat performs his best vocal delivery, easily displaying his range and is bound to be another hit.

Perhaps the only slight in the album it is the songs SENYUM, which is a tad laidback and does not quite jive with the rest of the collection. Meanwhile, the message of hope in ERTI HARI INI conjures an almost Scorpions ‘Wind of Change’ –like moment in its positivity.

Aizat is always known to be sempoi (i.e. cheeky and easy-going) and the absolutely delightful SUSUN SILANG KATA is best representative if this trait. This jazzy and joyful first single is highly addictive and is sure to put a spring in the step of the listener. Contrast that breeziness with the stark EMOTIONS, the most sophisticated and accomplished track in the whole album. While its a slow burner, but as the title suggests belays deep feelings, menacing almost, of love gained and lost. The arrangement is sparse and subdued befitting Aizat’s delicate, melancholic vocal delivery interspersed with lush sweeping strings towards the end. Definitely the best track in the entire set. The album then bookends with SUNGAI LUI, another excellent rock-ballad that melds into an all out stadium anthem towards the end.

Like the title of the album, Urusan truly reflects Aizat’s artistic vision and song-writing gift with clarity and confidence. This highly listenable set portends a higher level of song-writing and production Aizat is capable of that this listener hopes he will explore more in future endeavours. Percubaan kedua yang cemerlang!


  1. Years From Now (Aizat Amdan, Anas Amdan)*****
  2. Mana oh Mana (Aizat Amdan, Anas Amdan)****1/2
  3. Senyum (Aizat Amdan, Anas Amdan)***
  4. Erti Hari Ini (Aizat Amdan, Anas Amdan)***1/2
  5. Susun Silang Kata (Aizat Amdan, Anas Amdan)*****
  6. Emotions (Aizat Amdan, Anas Amdan) *****
  7. Sungai Lui (Aizat Amdan, Anas Amdan)****

Monday, 20 September 2010

Diesel Black Gold SS2011 preview

A love letter to the art, craft and music scene of America’s West Coast

The wild creativity of the West Coast arts and crafts movement, the free spirit of rock festivals and the sun-drenched landscapes of California all infuse the latest Diesel Black Gold collection, designed by Sophia Kokosalaki.












The pieces look handmade, as if patched and customized by their wearers. Colours are soft and diffuse: dusty pinks, greys and tans. Deeply rooted in Diesel’s DNA, a vintage feel runs through the collection, suggesting clothes that have been worn and loved through endless summers. The edgy influence of rock and roll adds a sexy refrain. Hand-painted desert scenes and the quirky shapes of cacti – in the form of jewellery, bags or shoes – transport the wearer to the rugged side of California.







































The collection is fluid and contemporary, yet with a touch of nostalgia: look out for big pockets, leather piping, flared trousers and form-fitting jackets in suede and leather.

Other pieces weave in floral and patchwork elements, recalling fashion experiments with “found” fabric, while natural elements like flowers and leaves keep up a very West Coast dialogue with nature. Outdoor festivals become pagan rites.



































An additional feature is the use of beading to evoke native American craft skills. Hand-stitched beading brings tradition into the modern world. Recalling the artisanal approach, the use of metal beads and other metallic hardware trace a direct line back to Diesel Black Gold.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Happy 55 RR!


Diesel Limited Edition Watch “This is My Time”

August 17, 2010 | In: Cool Gadgets

For celebrating Diesel founder Renzo Rosso’s 55th birthday today , Diesel released this limited edition watch called “This is My Time”.


“This is My Time” is a matte black IP stainless steel dial watch. We can see many symbolic markers are marked on the watch face, including the birthday date, the Renzo Rosso’s age, and the title of the watch. And an engraved signature by Rosso and limited number are placed on the case back. Apart from that, the watch case measures 57 x 47mm and 13mm thick, comes with a canvas strap with embossed “RR” initials, and features 5 ATM water resistance (about maximum 30 meters water resistance).


Friday, 10 September 2010

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri



v Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri v

v Minal Aidin wal-Fa'Izinv

v Maaf Zahir & Batin v

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Bday gift…


Diesel 2

Eh, lookie here, i wonder what's inside this prezzie? (the paper bag is a mighty big hint, hehe Winking smile)


Tada! Its the ‘Exposure’ high-top sneakers from the SS2010 collection. It features a unique eye-catching design consisting the caricatures of some of the fun and fabulous Diesel staff in their most sociable. Hmmm, maybe Renzo is among the crowed somewhere, hehe…

Thanks Usop n Wawa for this unexpected and wonderful gift. This is sooo Eurotour ready. Luv it! Luv it! Luv it!Smile

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Debut of DieselTurboDenim


An exclusive partnership between iconic denim brand DIESEL and ISKO the world’s leading denim manufacturer, has inspired the creation of the new Turbotech – and it’s sure to make an impression!

The ISKO patented Turbotech technology means denim can now evolve to fit the body’s movements, adapting to the wearer’s lifestyle. It will take on the shape of a wallet, MP3 player, keys – anything, in fact, you carry around in the pockets of your jeans – customising your denim garment and making it truly one of a kind!

With the special weave and indigo dyeing process, the garments quickly take on a vintage, stone-washed effect look that’s always changing. After a few washes the garments fade and start to reflect the unique imprint of their wearer. Watch out – your denim will reveal who you really are!

“This incredible, innovative fabric, developed in collaboration with ISKO, allows denim to live and change according to the wearer’s lifestyle. It’s a real second skin – enjoy it!” says enthusiast Renzo Rosso, president and founder of DIESEL.

In the words of ISKO Brand Manager Marco Lucietti, “It’s a great honour for us to be part if this prestigious collaboration. Turbotech is an incredible innovation, as it’s not just limited to functional performance – it allows us to create a new aesthetic concept, one that’s perfect for a lifestyle brand like Diesel. It’s a great success for our Turbotech technology, and allows ISKO to enhance its market profile as an ingredient brand offering high added value.”

DIESELTURBODENIM will be given its international debut at Bread & Butter from 7 to 9 July, in the DIESEL booth, Denim Base Area, Tent D44, with a specially-designed display unit. Relax and enjoy the show – your turbo Denim will have a front-row seat!

ISKO, Sanko group