Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Diesel and adidas Originals Join Creative Forces to Introduce a Limited Edition Sneaker Series

adidas Originals and Diesel, two global lifestyle brands that share common values of authenticity, self-expression and creativity for the fashion forward, have come together again in the spirit of unconstrained exploration and collaboration to introduce a limited edition sneaker series.

After the two brands joined forces for their special denim collaboration in 2008 a new idea was born to develop an exclusive Diesel/adidas Originals sneaker collection: five classic adidas footwear styles re-designed by Diesel, launching January 20th 2011, with only 10,000 pairs available globally.

Stefano Rosso, responsible for Strategic Brand Alliances of Diesel (and son of the company''s founder):

"I am a huge fan of adidas, they inspire me and they were my myth when I was growing up. After the amazing denim collaboration, when Diesel''s know-how was infused by adidas'' spirit, we are now starting a new chapter of the partnership: the heritage of the two brands will come together applying our spirit on adidas classic kicks!"

Spokesperson for adidas commented:
"Our two brands continue to share a great relationship built on our mutual respect and admiration for each others business and expertise. Following the recent collaboration in which we used the Diesel expertise in denim to create a new segment for Originals, this new sneaker project allowed us to approach the product creation in reverse. Working together with Diesel always results in a positive sharing of ideas. Their perspective makes for great products and gives us a better understanding on how others would interpret our collection."

The carefully selected iconic adidas silhouettes build on the inspiration deriving from the combination of the most recognizable and exclusive details from both brands.

  • FORUM MID DIESEL LEA: Punk meets Rock''n''Roll.

  • FORUM MID DIESEL TXT: Including details from the latest Diesel Fiat 500 collaboration - reflector touches on stitching, the strap and the lace eyelets, plus the Mohican Head on the tongue.

  • ZX 700 DIESEL: Take a classic running shoe and infuse it with Diesel fashion collection materials and colours...and wear it for successful living

    STAN SMITH SPECIAL: Two stories are being fused: Starting from 1971, the Stan Smith, adidas'' tennis shoe is being reinterpreted by 1978 born Diesel - a puzzle-like street/denim design. Patches are made out of camel leather.

  • STAN SMITH 80''S DIESEL (Studs with Black & White Colour Options): Metal studs allover.

    • Diesel sneakers are "not made for running"....but you can cruise to Diesel Stores or to starting January 20th, 2011 to be the first successful owner of one of 10,000 Diesel/adidas limited editions. The shoes will also be available at the Diesel Montreal (2114 de la Montagne) and Diesel Toronto (92 Yorkville) store locations.

      Diesel Canada
      Christina Krcevinac
      514-385-3335 x248

      Friday, 21 January 2011

      As I see your face


      I bow in gratitude for the blessings the Almighty have bestowed upon me,

      For in His infinite wisdom knows what I truly feel

      It must have been destiny, written in some precise alignment of heavens and stars

      That brought me to that place, to that moment, that impressive instant

      As all sorrows and tribulations finally gave meaning and dissipate

      As I see your face


      Like the sun you are, shining like a beacon in the vastness of  space

      Your smile glorious

      Your eyes fire

      Unbeknownst to you, you have brought light into my existence,

      Energizing and invigorating feelings that have long held dormant

      Unbeknownst to myself, my heart was inadvertently stolen

      And I’m forever incomplete,  for you now hold that missing part of me


      And just like the sun you are

      That when your gone, the cold and darkness is torture

      The yearning aching

      The emptiness killing

      How can you eclipse and fade from what I am certain deep down is true?

      Do you not feel my warmth too?

      Do you not realise that you are indeed the ONE

      The place where I need not look any further

      The end where I stop searching


      Perhaps I didn't try hard enough

      That maybe my words and actions inadequate

      That my catalogue of missed opportunities, shortcomings and imperfections

      Renders me just a speck

      Incapable of competing with the millions of stars that revolve around you


      So where does all this leave me now?

      Should I hope against hope, forever carrying a torch for you like this?

      Should I be grateful for whatever scraps you through my way?

      Or should I just give up and return to my solitude.

      Yes it may be cold and dark, but at least I’m safe (or so i try to convince myself)


      I cant go on like this any longer, for I need a definite answer

      Grace me with the words that I long to hear

      Or be gentle with you final resolution

      Anything! just please don't ignore me like this


      So again I bow in gratitude for the blessings the Almighty have bestowed upon me,

      For only He who knows what's stirring in me

      I pray for the day that your sunlight will once again shine upon me

      Like you did exactly one year ago at that place, that time, that instant

      And surely then I will get my answer, my fate clearly written in your fiery eyes

      As I see your face

      As I see your face

      As I see your face

      Sunday, 2 January 2011

      Celebrating the new year in style @ Ning's 2011 Showcase

      On 31 Dec 2010, i had the great privilege of attending Ning’s 2011 Showcase at the Celebrities Hall of Music, Solaris Mont Kiara to usher in the new year as well as introduce to her fans some of the new tracks from her upcoming release, here 11th full album entitled DEWA.

      Derived from the Sanskrit word meaning ‘light’, the metaphor is apt describing the current stage in her life and career, of being independent and finding her rebirth in the ever changing and dynamic landscape of the music industry.

      The performance lasted almost two hours, with a repertoire spanning her entire musical legacy, from Curiga to Awan Yang Terpilu and then onwards and upwards with selections from the upcoming album. Ning’s voice has never been more powerful and clear. Plus her soulful reinterpretation and rendition, impeccable and energetic showmanship coupled with new arrangements under the guide of here musical director Alwyn Santiago gave new life to all of her classic hits.

      The entire performance is indeed a trip down memory lane and truly a spectacular and momentous night for the diehard fans. Interspersed between the set list, she opened up to the audience shared some of her life story with interesting trivia's and anecdotes. It speaks volumes of the evolution in Ning’s artistry and how far she has gone, while acknowledging her ups and downs in here ever winding carrier. finally to come to point where she feels content and blessed to where she is now. For me, the highlight of the night is her rendition of the classic hit Pasti, where she confessed that at the time of recording the song way back in 1994 she couldn't have believed that she would ever find her perfect love until now. Dedicated to her dearest hubby, she sang with an earnest conviction that brought tears to the whole audience. One of the many magical moments on stage that night .

      Her joy and newfound outlook in life is very much reflected in the new songs, ever expanding her craft and experimenting with new sounds and attitudes. The new tracks, from the edgy dance tracks Mama Papa and Raksasa to the sublime downtempo numbers Alhamdulillah and Sampai Bila sounds fresh and current and unlike anything you heard of in the local airwaves. Audi Mok, the producer of the new album isn't kidding when he said that you will hear Ning like you've never heard her before.

      Moving on into the year, Ning plans to do a nationwide road show to promote the new album, culminating to a special concert at Istana Budaya on 1-2 July, her first solo concert in 13 years. The new year will also see the release of her new movie ‘Cun’ as well as ‘3 Suara’ the special collaborative album with Jac and Shila.

      With the rebirth of Ning in DEWA, I am wishing her all the best in her career for 2011. Stay tuned for my review of the upcoming album as and when it released.

      Showcase songlist

      Dekat Padamu
      Penjara Kasih
      In Another Life
      Auld Lang Syne
      Wishin’ On a Star
      You and I
      Antara Mungkin dan Curiga
      Sayang Di Sayang
      Ke Sayup Bintang
      Selagi Ada… (Cinta)
      Pada Aksinya
      Awan Yang Terpilu
      Mama Papa
      Sampai Bila