Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Happy New Year


A new year means more than simply hanging up a new calendar. It should be a time of reflection; of learning from past mistakes and gaining strength and wisdom from past experiences. But more importantly, it should be a time for resolution and new beginnings; of turning a new leaf and of planning for the future (albeit so uncertain) with renewed optimism and much rejuvenation.

In this challenging year ahead, DIESELFREAK wishes everyone a happy and most successful two double o' nine!

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Where my order at?

Gempar! My Diesel XXX book that I have ordered waay back in November still hasn't arrived yet :(. According to Amazon, the book was shipped on 21 Nov and supposed have been delivered to me by 15 Dec. What's more, I have paid for expedited shipping (an extra 10$) just to make sure it does come on time... talk about irony eh? Having being inspired by one of my friends recent crusade for consumer rights, I was inspired to write to Amazon to 'alert' them about my situation. So here is thier reply, which I am happy to say, came but a few hours later:


Thank you for writing to to bring this matter to our attention.

First, please allow me to express my sincere apologies for any frustration that has been caused. It is certainly not our intention for our customers to have anything but a pleasant experience at our store. I see that the order summary in Your Account estimated it would be delivered by December 15, 2008

Normally we would send a replacement order at no additional charge, but in this case it is possible that you might receive both the orders and it will be an additional inconvenience for you to return the duplicate shipment.

Unfortunately, in spite of all of our efforts, there can sometimes be unforeseen delays, and in this case we would ask that you wait a little longer. It's been our experience that the majority of late packages arrive just a day or two after the estimated delivery date. Therefore, we would like to ask that you wait until close of business on December 31, 2008 for your order to arrive.

I am sorry that the tracking information on the Deutsche Post web site appears incomplete. If the package has just been shipped, it may not yet have reached the first Deutsche Post hub. During this time, Deutsche Post tracking information may indicate "Currently there is no tracking information available. Please try again later."

Also, in order to speed delivery, Deutsche Post does not location scan all of their shipments, which occasionally limits the amount of tracking data. When shipping volume is high, packages are processed in bulk, and the first time a package is scanned may be upon arrival at a regional hub near the destination. In some cases, tracking information may not appear until the package has been delivered.

Please note that we take full responsibility should any item become lost or damaged while being delivered, and we are more than happy to replace these items at a cost to ourselves.

As a representative of, I want to assure you that we value our customers' trust above all else it's the foundation on which our company was built. Please know that we'll continue working hard to ensure that you receive accurate service, and to minimize the chances of anything like this occurring again.

Again, I apologize for the delay, and hope that your order arrives soon.
Thank you for shopping at

Best regards,


So, what should i do? Give them the benefit of doubt and just hang in there for a couple more days?.. While I'm a bit peeved at having to wait longer, I do like the assurance of getting a free replacement if it was indeed lost in transit. Still, the distress caused is rather annoying. Sigh, this is soo not what I signed up for.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008



Hmm... should I be honoured/ annoyed / freaked out if somebody loooves my Diesel sneakers more than myself?

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Happy B'day Hazry!


"Thank you for being a friend,
Travelled down the road and back again,
Your heart is true your a pal and a confidant.

And if you through a party,
Invited everyone you ever knew,
You would see the biggest gift would be from me
And the card attached would say thank you for being a friend..."

The Golden Girls Theme Song

Thursday, 4 December 2008

All I want for Xmas...

A Silver Streak

Leisa Barnett // // 24 November 2008//, 11:42AM

DIESEL is adding its unique brand of fashion horsepower to silver jewellery - the label's creative director, William Das, teamed up with master craftsman Ugo Cacciatori to create a holiday line that Diesel boss Renzo Rosso is heralding as a "very important" development for the brand.

"Accessories are becoming a more and more important key item in the modern consumer's wardrobe," Rosso says, speaking exclusively to VOGUE.COM. "As Diesel has always been a reference point for unique treatments and details in denim it is amazing to see how Ugo's designs fully reflect the same values, giving us the opportunity to translate all of this into jewellery."

So what exactly can Diesel devotees expect to be adorning themselves with for the festive season?

"The Silver Jewellery Holiday 2008 collection features Ugo Cacciatori's construction of shapes combined with a wide comprehension of textures and oxidations," Rosso explains. "Each piece is hand carved in sterling silver, the details covered in gold and individually engraved with traditional manual techniques. The collection ironically leads to a "sci-fi casualty", giving life to unexpected encrusted organic entities, chains and earrings, massive buckles and tiny escapularios charms - all with a future vintage, sophisticated feeling."












pendant                                                     bracelet













earrings                                                 Cacciatori & Rosso

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

I should be so lucky

OMG where to begin? I remember about one and a half months ago when a friend of mine text me, "Jom tengok Kylie nak?". Immediately i called him back with a resounding YES! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be entertained by the Her excellency the Princess of Pop up close and personal, and I wouldn’t missit for the world So on Tuesday afternoon the three of us scuttled our way to Singapore for the KYLIEX2008 concert and some early Christmas shopping.


Two Energie models PPT on the ERL







IMG_2528Kylie merchandise outside the National Indoor Station, Kallang Singapore






Laying my hands on the tourbook, I should be so lucky!







IMG_2530 View of the stage as the sell out crowd starts to fill the arena







IMG_2536 The show is starting... and here she is, KYLIE!







IMG_2537View of the screen (just in case any of you do not believe me)







IMG_2539 Strutting her stuff like no one else can (well, perhaps Madonna hehe...). Though the Asian leg lacks some of the impressive set pieces, the choreography does not disappoint



IMG_2540 "Are you having fun tonight, Singapore?"







IMG_2543 Then, two hours later (all too soon i might say), the show ended with the bang

Monday, 24 November 2008

Spinning Around...
















I will be flying of to Singapore tomorrow evening to witness the princess of pop, Kylie Minogue perform live for her KYLIEX2008 TOUR at Singapore Indoor Stadium, Kallang. This will be in fact my second Kylie concert, the first being the 2002 'Fever' tour in Cardiff. I am so looking forward for a fun-filled night of dance hits, fantastic choreography and out of this world costumes.

The tentative set list are as follows:

Act 1: Xlectro Static

Act 2: Cheer Squad

Act 3: Beach Party

Act 4: Xposed

Act 5: Naughty Manga Girl

Act 6: Starry Nights

Act 7: Black Versus White


1Performed as a dance interlude at certain dates

2Performed at select dates

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Marc Jacobs and Renzo Rosso Team Up on Menswear


jacobs rosso

from WWD 11/10/08

Marc Jacobs and Renzo Rosso are teaming up to produce Marc Jacobs's menswear. Starting with the spring 2010 collection, menswear will be licensed and produced by Staff International SpA, part of Rosso's Only the Brave company.

Rosso's fashion portfolio is expanding exponentially these days. Only the Brave already has Maison Martin Margiela, Viktor & Rolf, Vivienne Westwood, Dsquared2, and Diesel in his roster. Adding Marc to the mix only furthers Rosso's fashion cred, though his recent Margiela addition seems to be what convinced MJ & Co. to sign on.

“If it’s good enough for Martin Margiela, it’s good enough for me,” commented Robert Duffy, president of Marc Jacobs International. “We have many different divisions, labels and price points in our men’s wear division and I think [Staff] can be of great help in developing all of these projects.”

So what does all this mean? First, it means menswear is a very viable market, and only going to become more so. Second, these economic times may be rough, but we're apparently still buying designer clothes. (Go us!) Third, Renzo Rosso cannot be stopped. And last but not least, if Martin Margiela is doing it, so should you.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Anugerah Juara Lagu 2008 Semifinalists

Its that time of year again when we celebrate the best in the Malaysian music scene. 30 songs vie for 12 places in the Final, with reality TV stars dominating most of the nominees... so which song takes your fancy this time round? My predictions are as highlighted.


CATEGORY ETNIK/KREATIF (9 malam, Jumaat 28 November)
Doa Dalam Lagu (Mawi & Heliza)
Lambaian (Fazli Zainal)
Dusta Berkalang (Aiman)
Persoalan Cinta (Farawahida)
Songo (Amy Search)
Panas (Ifa Raziah)
Pujangga Merindu (Syura)
Jarak Rindu (Azfar)
Puteri Tarian Kasih (Anis Aneesa)
Mengharap Sinar (Dior)

CATEGORY BALADA (9 malam, Jumaat 5 Disember)

Sampai Syurga (Faizal Tahir)
Bila Nak Saksi (Spider)
Dingin (Ziana Zain)
Sejauh Ini (Dina)
Teman Terulung (Anuar Zain)
Hanya Di Mercu (Ayu)
Ada Untukmu (Nubhan)
Tanpa (6ixth Sense)
Bila Terasa Rindu (Dafi)
Cinta Terhalang (Bob)
Cuba (Faizal Tahir)
Lagu Kita (Aizat)

CATEGORY POP ROCK (9 malam, Jumaat 12 Disember)

Kalis Rindu (Elyana)
Mila Bila Cinta (Mila)
Separuh Masa (The Lima)

Bukti (Fiq)
Cinta Si Rama-Rama (Hattan)
Lagu Untukmu (Meet Uncle Hussein)
Yang Pernah (Estranged)
Mabuk (Spider)
Ku Merindu (Shah & Ella)
Aku Lebih Tahu (Mila)
Aku Stacy (Stacy)
Rimas (The Fabulous Cats)

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Welcome to Kelab Malam Sinar Chinta!


Last Sunday at Wisma Angkasapuri, Ning invited her fans to travel back in in time to the good ol' 70's where vespa's reigned and corsets and bug hair were in vogue. Singer songs from that era, Ning wanted to showcase her early influences, singing classic numbers from Anita Sarawak, Nurshiela Amin and Fauziah Ahmad Daud to name a  few. Apart from that the Diva also serenaded her husband onstage with a spine-tingling rendition of Roberta Flak's The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, which was simply heartfelt and mesmerising. She also performed  a medley of her hits and premiered her next Malay single, Embunan Bersinar.

The following are some behind the scene piccies I have managed to snap in-between takes:






To witness this memorable performance for yourself, come on down to Kelab Malam Sinar Chinta when it airs at TV2 on 28 December 2008!


Monday, 3 November 2008

Happy advance b'day Yusof


Though his birthday is actually in December, my friend here decided to treat us with a lavish supper last weekend as a chance for us to get together. A big thank you to Yusof for making it all happen, and I hope you enjoy my l'l 'made in italy' token of appreciation. Hehe... anyway, here's wishing that the next 12 months would be bigger, better and more successful for you.

Friday, 31 October 2008

Embunan Bersinar

Ning gave a sneak preview her latest single here... and dare I say, it has SMASH HIT written all over it! She will premier the song live at Zoom In, this Sunday. Betcha wish you had them tickets now eh? hehe...

Embunan Bersinar

Lyrics : Tess
Song : Aylwin Santiago

Azab dan sengsara
Duka yand terlara
Mengajariku menjadi dewasa

Lapar dan dahaga
Hidup nan derita
Sering menguji
Ketabahan Hati

Bagaikan musafir
Dipadang pasir yang sepi
Kembara tiada henti

Mencari haluan jiwa ini
Percayakan mimpi
Jalanan ku harungi
Bertemankan harapan
Akhirnya ditemukan
Hamparan Mawar
Embunan Bersinar

Disini bersemi
Hidup nan terindah
Sendu dihati ku langkahi sudah

Bagaikan musafir
Dipadang pasir yang sepi
Kembara tiada henti


Yang..... hilangkan terbit kembali
Yang.... jatuh bisa bangun berlari
Ku mengerti kini
Harus sabar menanti
Ku teguhkan hati...............

Hamparan Mawar
Embunan Bersinar

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Zoom in with Ning Baizura


When: 8:00PM Sunday, November 2nd 2008

Where: Wisma Angkasapuri

This is your chance to witness Malaysia's Soul Diva in action. The newly 'independent'  Ning Baizura will perform in front of a live audience, in a show entirely conceptualised by herself! Guests are encouraged to dress according to a 70s theme. Complementary tickets are available at the security booth, Wisma Angkasapuri so hurry!

ps: Amir, you know what to do. DO NOT DISSAPOINT ME, hehehe...

pss: btw, if you are a fan, please feel free to register yourself as a fan of Ning Baizura at her Facebook page. And yes, she personally maintains the page. So if you show her the luv/support, you just might get a shout-out from the diva herself!

Thursday, 23 October 2008

How to install a doorknob

Simple-to-follow steps... just it case you ever get stuck in such a situation.












1. Install the strikeplate with the two screws.



2. Position the deadlatch into its place and screw into place



3. The door knob comes in two halves, which slide together and are joined by a pair of long machine screws. Obviously, the outside knob is the one with the key and the inside knob has a button. MAKE SURE TO PLACE IT CORRECTLY... Otherwise it is as good as having no door at all!, hehe...



4. Twist in the rose insert into place



5. Then, lock in the inside knob



6. Don't forget to test your work with the key and ensure that both handles twist easily, the knobs don't rattle up against the door (if this happens the screws are too loose) and the door cannot be pushed or pulled open (from either side) without using the handle.



7. Voila! Your brand new doorknob... now, who says that DIESELFREAK can't do 'man's' job properly, hehe...

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Unlucky star

Today may very well be my most unluckiest day of my life... bar none! Even Lemony Snicket himself cannot to these series of unfortunate events:

1. Woke up late this morning (always not a good sign)

2. About to head out to work, discovered that my doorknob refused to open! Despite all the push, twist and shoves the door refused to budge one bit.

3. Getting desparate (and downright sweaty)... brought in screwdriver, hammer

4. Still wont budge. texted boss to say running a bit late

5. Finnally, door opened but doorknob busted. Lucky for the grilled door. Ran to LRT station

6. When you thought it couldnt get any worse, LRT delayed... arrived at office 1/2 hour late

7. Afternoon... went out to buy replacement doorknob. Suddenly it rained heavily on the way back, got wet

8. Almost end-of-day, boss gives yet another last minute assignment. About to do but suddenly my PC crashed! restarted for the bajillionth time... same outcome. This time royally screwed

9. Boss says no excuses, cuz bigger boss wants by tomorrow morning. As such forced to use backup laptop. Struggled to finish the assignment while everyone happyly clocking of... Sooo not happening

10. Finally completed the task, though far from perfect. Sure kena marah one esop pagi. Clocked out at 9pm, the last person to leave the department

11. Arrive LRT station 45 minutes later and guess what? it rained heavily again... stuck at LRt for another 15 minutes

12. Finally reached home. Realized i forgot to bring back my new doorknob.

I'm not sure if this is karma for past wrong-doings (if it is i seek forgiveness to anyone, everyone that I have crossed... sorry ) , or simply an amusement from the powers that be (I hope not), but all i know for sure that If anything like this happens again, I'm gonna loose my head. Sigh... perhaps some shopping therapy would help.

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Peace Celebration 2008

Get ready to be entertained and all for a good cause!

The Global Peace Festival (GPF) Malaysia will be organising a Peace Celebration concert at Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil on Sunday, 19 Oct 2008 @ 3pm. Come experience live performances from some of Malaysia's top acts including Ning Baizura, Nikki, Jaclyn Victor and Ella. Rounding up the festivities are multi-cultural performances and the Malaysian Drum Symphony, as well as special appearance by Malaysia's first angkawan, Datuk Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar to deliver a Peace Message. All this for an admission of RM20 (part of proceeds of collection will go toward child welfare charity, Majlis Kebajikan Kanak-Kanak Malaysia, MKKM).


The Global Peace Festival (GPF) Malaysia celebrates a common vision for national unity and social integration. Bringing together the government, NGOs, civil society and individuals, it aims to install moral and ethical values through expanding the 'Culture of Heart'. In honour of 51 years of nationhood, the Global Peace Festival will engage people from all over the country. It will showcase multicultural Malaysia to the world through the arts, sports, service, education and interreligious harmony.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

The upgrade

After having 'kantoi' by a friend (Yusras, I didn’t realise you have psychic powers, hehe...) I figured might as well introduce you to my latest gadgetry conquest: the MOTOROKR E8. I have been meaning to change my ol' celly of three years for quite some time know... having seen a number of my friends switching, as well as the fact that wear and tear (read: missing buttons) have finally caught up with my trusty SLVR.

So, during the weekend before Raya break, I found myself at the Motorola store in KLCC and dwindled my decision to two finalists, the RAZR v2 and the ROKR. The latter finally won my affections (haha), as its delivers precisely what I need (specifically mp3 player capabilities) packaged in an oh-so-sexy form factor. Thanks to this phone, my daily commune to office are now infinitely more fun, courtesy of Her Madgesty's sticky sweet tunes keeping me company, hehe...


Winner of c|net best of CES 2008, other bragging rights of this phone is the 'you-must-see-it-to-believe-it' mode shifting keypad, which virtually transforms from phone to mp3 player at a tap of a finger. Plus, I no longer need to worry about any missing buttons, cuz there ait none! Now thats what I call an upgrade,hehe...

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Dirty Thirty revealed!



Ladies and gentlemen, behold the first preview pics of Diesel's oh-so-coveted Dirty Thirty jeans. There are only 30,000 pairs of these babies, and are available for STRICTLY ONE DAY ONLY (10 October 2008 to be precise) at its 160 odd stores worldwide, as well as its online store. As if that weren't enough, they will be on sale for only £30, €30 or ¥300 (you get the picture), a mere fraction of what they are truly worth. Expect overnight camping, long queues and scrums people!

The limited edition jeans come in two of Diesel's most iconic styles, Matic for girls and Heeven for guys.

According to Diesel, the jeans will have "a one off 'dirty wash' treatment with side abrasion and hand-made repair patch; the back patch will celebrate Diesel's 30 years of love and fun with the words 'Dirty Thirty' and 'xXx'; side embroidery will state the dates 1978-2008; buttons will be customised with 'Diesel 1978' date of birth."


ps;- These jeans will be available at the Diesel store in Forum Shopping Mall, Singapore at SGD78! Fingers crossed, if all goes to plan, I might yet be able to nab one of these babies...

Friday, 26 September 2008

Salam Aidilfitri


Dingin di perigi waktu pagi
Berkokok ayam ditengah laman
Aidil fitri menjelma lagi
Tamatlah ujian bagi yang beriman





Salam lebaran ikhlas dari,


Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Fiat 500 by DIESEL aka my dream car!

This entry is dedicated to all my friends who are forever harassing my to buy a car (jangan marah, hehe...)

Diesel (ironically) comes full circle by fuelling... what else, automobiles! Created through the collaboration between the venerable automaker and Diesel jeans founder Renzo Rosso, the Fiat 500 by Diesel is special limited edition model dubbed as  the 'urban survival vehicle', equipped with a host of exterior and interior upgrades designed to appeal to the cosmopolitan city-dwellers.

Based on the Fiat 500 Sport, the Diesel edition comes in either green, brown, or black and includes unique visual features such as aluminum trim on the bumpers and doors, doorsill protectors stamped with the phrase "for successful living," Diesel badges on the B-pillars, and special 16-in. alloy wheels with yellow brake callipers. Inside, buyers of the limited-edition Fiat are treated to special, Diesel-branded denim upholstery with yellow stitching, a yellow background on the instrument cluster, and the Diesel logo on the shiftknob. The brand logo stands out on the instruments (marked by a yellow background) and gemstone exchange rate while on the side of the front seats, you notice a particular pocket deferring the fifth pocket of jeans DIESEL

ps: Here are some of the pics from the Fiat press release for you to salivate... Though the car  is on sale beginning September 22 2008, only 10,000 are planned to be built over two years (gemparas!). For now, lets play a game: can you spot the Diesel finishing touches?








Monday, 22 September 2008

Preorder now!


Diesel: XXX Years of Diesel Communication (Hardcover)

by Diesel (Author)

  • List Price: USD150
  • Hardcover: 240 pages
  • Publisher: Rizzoli (November 4, 2008)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 0847831663 / 978-0847831661

    • Product Description :
      Diesel, now on the eve of its thirtieth anniversary, ranks as one of the first fashion labels to market itself with irony and humor. The catchphrase "for successful living" defines Diesel’s insouciant image as well as its ads which parody conventional commercial messages.This collection of iconic ads from the last decade features the work of groundbreaking photographers, including Terry Richardson, Rankin, David La Chapelle, and Ellen Von Unwerth, among others. Explanatory text, behind-the-scenes anecdotes, and trivia explore public reception of the ads, the latest series of which launched in 2007 under the headline "Global Warming Ready."

    Thursday, 18 September 2008

    Diesel Black Gold SS09 preview

    Byrant Park played host to Diesel's second showing of its uber-premium line during the SS09 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week recently. The collection draws its inspiration from 19th century poets, punk rebels of the 1970s and many others in between.

    "History has been used as a palette, imagining clothing handed down for generations, picking up influences from each decade while retaining the imprint of the past", says creative director Wilbert Das.

    Also making its first appearance is the Diesel Black Gold accessories collection, key being the burlap bag for men.

    82722553_10 82722567_10

    B_31220952538diesel-ss09w013 B_461220952545diesel-ss09w147

    B_541220952546diesel-ss09w173 B_181220952540diesel-ss09w061

    B_51220952538diesel-ss09w019 B_381220952543diesel-ss09w123