Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Welcome Bruno!

Introducing Diesel’s new creative director: Bruno Collin

Molvena (Italy), January 14, 2010. The New Year begins with many changes at Diesel, starting with the announcement of the appointment of a new artistic director for the Diesel line. Bruno Collin, French publisher and founder of trend magazine WAD, will be responsible for creating and mixing a team of internal and external creatives to ensure that Diesel continues to be one of the world’s most innovative brands as it enters a new decade. Bruno is also a former editor in chief France of Sportswear International, a freelance for many leading fashion magazines, a product fanatic, a curator of books, a communication expert and a familiar figure on the Paris nightlife scene.

“More than ever, I want Diesel to express its DNA in the most up-to-date and innovative ways,” says Renzo Rosso, President and founder. “The world of fashion has radically changed therefore also the creative process has to follow. I believe in the idea of combining a wide variety of different creative talents: stylists, designers, photographers, graphic designers, artists. This is only the beginning of a revolution that will transform the creative team and the brand’s design process. I’ve been following Bruno for a long time and I believe his work, his ideas, his know-how and taste are a perfect fit for Diesel. Innovative brands should be managed like magazines – a strong, unique identity with constant external input and collaborations that suit the project at hand.”

Bruno Collin comments: “Diesel is one of the few brands I have looked at, almost obsessively, throughout my entire career. A strong brand, both from a communication and from a product point of view, that always sets the pace for the market. My role here will be primarily that of an alchemist, of an orchestra director. The energy this brand exudes only needs new channels of inspiration and expression.”

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Diesel SS2010 Advertising Campaign

2010 is going to be a pretty interesting year for Diesel, judging by its spring summer advertising campaign. With the departure of creative director Wilbert Das, it seems that the company is opting for a ‘reboot’: an opportunity to refresh itself and return to its roots. Hence, after three seasons of absence, the iconic red ‘for successful living’ logo once again grace the print campaigns world wide.

The denim company is urging the masses to Be Stupid. But why stupid? Well, the best explanation is beautifully summarised in the poster below:


It is no surprise that some of the worlds most revolutionary ideas were often sidelined and labelled just that at its inception. Sceptics are all to ready to jump on the chance to crush creativity, passion and inspiration. But with perseverance and determination, it is these very stupid ideas that eventually ignite and inspire. Everyone knows of the story of Renzo Rosso’s attempt to market his first pre-distressed jeans to a store owner was met with the exact same sentiments. 30 odd years later, that particular store owner is still eating his words…

Conceptualised by the Diesel Creative Team with agency Anomaly, New York This campaign is photographed by Kristin Vicari, Melodie McDaniel and Chris Buck. It colourfully combines absurd, cheeky, sexy images with sage tips on being stupid:

Smart Listens to the Head, Stupid Listens to the Heart
We’re With Stupid
Smart Critiques, Stupid Creates
Stupid is trial and error. Mostly Error
Smart has the Plans, Stupid has the Stories
Smart had one Good Idea, and that was Stupid
Smart says No. Stupid says Yes.
Only the Stupid can be Truly Brilliant.
You Can’t Outsmart Stupid.
Be Stupid.
Stupid Ain’t Dumb.


























Tips for successful living indeed..

Monday, 11 January 2010

Better late than never…

Sometimes on the net when you go an idle browsing spree, or even flipping through magazines, you come across items that you truly covet. Items that makes you go ‘I just gotta have this no matter what’.

Yet, for some reason or another, you never did follow-through your desires. The self assuaging reason that you came up for yourself is that maybe the moment has passed (although still deep down inside you would still jump on them if the opportunity ever comes knocking).

Well , what would happen if the opportunity does indeed presents itself? Would you still take the leap and faith, whip out your credit card and finally fulfil your long unquenched desires? After all, if it was an impressive instant, love-at-first-sight surge you felt when you first laid your eyes on them way way back, isn't the feeling still true now as it is then?

That is precisely what happened to me when stumbling across these two particular DIESEL items.

First, is the Diesel DZ4160 Freak of Nature Watch.




No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you! There is photo-shopping involved here. This is an actual watch. Dubbed Frankenstein’s  timepiece in certain quarters, due to looking like a cross-breeding of two entirely different watches into one.

Half of the watch face features an oval steel case with a multi-coloured chronograph dials and the remaining half has a square gold case with standard watch dial and genuine leather strap. The result is something that you either love OR hate: there is no in-between.

I stumbled upon this monster while making a slight detour from my usual shopping trek in Orchard Road last Xmas. It was found in all places, at the humble OG Shopping mall (lessen to self; never ever under-estimate any mall, no mater how un-posh it is. You really never know what's in-store until you go into the store).

The price was a bit steep, even more so when I have busted my supposed budget by then. Even though there was a 20% discount, OG has sneakily made the savings in the form of in-store cash rebates. So you still end up paying full price for the item… and need to purchase other things to utilise the rebate! Luckily for me I managed to find a couple of nice DKNY undies (you can never have too many of these), paying just SGD2 on-top. In any case, the 7% GST refund did manage to lessen the blow on the wallet :P.

Second is the Nizza Hi Adidas Originals // 55DSL X XV/55 Limited Edition Sneakers.





55DSL and adidas Originals have collaborated to create a special limited edition shoe called XV/55 in celebration of the street wear brand’s 15th anniversary. A combination of 55DSL’s trademark colours and angel logo with the slick styling and technical expertise of adidas Originals’ iconic Nizza model makes this sneaker the ultimate collector’s item.

I have been meaning to check these out during my Xmas holidays in Singapore at 55DSL’s official stockist ‘Actually’ in Seah Street. But somehow didn't quite manage to make it there. Online, i have been eying these babies for a while now on, but didn't take the plunge until the site offered a 30% boxing day discount, which just about offsets the cost of shipping. 

So there, at last my two elusive conquests now sits proudly on wrist and feet. Like the always say: better late than never… otherwise a lifetime of regret.

Monday, 4 January 2010

Diesel SS2010 Denim Campaign // 12/15/09

Sex sells, and DIESEL are using it to show us their new denim campaign. The alchemy of fire and water inspires the spring summer 2010 washes and treatments for both men and women. Fire denim recalls the distressed and burned jeans worn by fire fighters, using specialized techniques...


The alchemy of fire and water inspires the spring summer 2010 washes and treatments for both men and women.  Fire denim recalls the distressed and burned jeans worn by fire fighters, using specialized techniques developed to create a battered, charred and toasted effect. Get that hero look without having to dive into blazing buildings!


The opposing water group creates a cool liquid feel with blue and azure; shades range from dark indigo denim to hard bleached pieces. Items bear the traces of droplets and splashes, using a salt cellar to handpaint the denim with different hues.

Denim lovers and purists will choose Blue Eyecons – Diesel’s most experimental washes - conceived for male shapes and demonstrating the highest levels of craftsmanship and expertise. ‘Blue’ refers to denim obviously – but ‘eyecons’ are what these pieces will become among the jeans collecting community. Jeans junkies won’t want to miss a chance of getting their hands on these wearable works of art – wrecked by hand for your pleasure.

The treatments involve several different stages, with more than half a dozen processes that take up to ten hours: hand abrasions, sophisticated bleach and spray treatments, the use of different soaps and resins, squeezing, scrubbing, stone washing and sandblasting: you name it and one of these Diesel iconic pieces has been through it!



The most summery part of the collection captures the very essence of casual wear. The season will be refreshed by brightly coloured denim in shades of light blue, pink, orange and green. A new approach to fit and volume will cool down the hottest months.

For girls, a light denim cloth is used for low-waist pyjama and Turkish style jeans. Wearers will dream of an exotic interlude as they navigate the urban landscape in these ultra comfortable designs. New styles for girls also include ‘Zivy’, slim jeans with a zip at the ankle, ‘Clushy’, slim with zipped pockets and ‘Totta’, boot-cut with flap pockets.

For men, a special mention goes to the new ‘Tazy’ style that hugs the waist, with a looser cut at the thigh leading to a slender calf and ankle.


ps: The Blue Eyecons range sounds very intriguing. Must check out when it arrives ;)

Friday, 1 January 2010

Welcome 2010


Wishing everyone a very happy new year!

May 2010 bring all your dreams come true.

Let us all strive to be a better (and upgraded) version of ourselves ;)