Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Hell unleashed... and London is calling!

So today on Halloween, 31 Oct 2007, hell is unleashed upon the citizens of London! The minions of darkness has spewed upon the world of the living, destroying and corrupting everything in its wake. Salvation now lies in the hands of a select few (that is you) to defend the last vestiges of humanity from eternal damnation.

It may come as a surprise to many who know me that I, on occasion, do dabble onto a good PC game! Nothing gives me great satisfaction that to annihilate them baddies with a quick click of a mouse or a fancy combo of keys. And there is no game i look forward to more than Hellgate: London, the 'spiritual successor' to the clickfest that is Diablo. I have ordered my collectors edition DVD and now preparing for the sleepless night ahead. Now, if only I have a smacking new PC play it with, hehehe... In the meantime, i will have to settle salivating at these gorgeous screenshots:

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