Thursday, 6 December 2007

What's your brown & floral?

This is an exclusive sneak preview of what i shall be wearing at a very anticipated gathering this Saturday evening. It is to celebrate the birthday a very good friend, the theme for the night being BROWN & FLORAL. It is a mixed bag of items: some bought on sale, some bought at retail price. They are sourced from both East and West: from Italy, France, Portugal, all the way to Hong Kong and China (hehehe...)
As simple as the theme may sound, it was actually quite difficult to find a suitable brown and floral shirt (oops). Over the past month or so, I have have scoured almost every conceivable brand at shopping malls in both Malaysia and Singapore. This is because, brown & floral to me is all about understated elegance:.Something that is sophisticated but not flashy. Timeless not trendy. But I suppose that is part of the challenge and fun in these themed parties, so that you could look forward to wearing something special for a special occasion.
I am soo looking forward to this Saturday night event: A celebration of friendship and good company. And soo looking forward to the other guests interpretation of the theme. So i ask again: what's your brown & floral?

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