Monday, 28 July 2008



To those in the know, mark your calendars kay... its gonna be spicy ;)

Monday, 21 July 2008

A new day has come


OK, I admit that channeling Celine Dion is a bit melodramatic, hehehe... but I wont sugarcoat the fact that it does suck big time for not being successful in getting the scholarship for further studies. All those months of planning, filling up forms, begging for referees and preparing for evaluations and interviews... all for nothing. Also, I honestly feel that my work performance since the beginning of the year is so-so at best, considering that my enthusiasm for paperwork and forecasts had waned while thoughts of lectures, libraries and lounging at chic bistros for (supposed) study group sessions get stronger.

Anyway, I could have wallowed deeper in self pity had I not being reminded that this slight misfortune is nothing compared to the real tribulations faced by others. That it is all but a slight bump in the long and winding journey that is LIFE. Even better, in His infinite wisdom, there may actually be a lesson to be learned here somewhere...

So thanks to my friends for cheering me up over the weekend. I really had a great time. As for my study plans, I may try again next year depending on the circumstances... so don't count that blog entry from Bond Street flagship store out just yet! hehe...

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

...and the evil that was once vanquished shall rise anew


Something BIG has erupted in the gaming community over the past weekend. After years of speculation and stops and starts, the most anticipated gaming sequel was finally announced: all hail Diablo III!


I am of course excited by the announcement. The Diablo franchise was the first that got me into PC gaming, way back in 1997. This action role playing game is perhaps one of the simplest to play: if you can click a mouse, you can play Diablo! No wonder it is one of the most popular PC game in history, with a stagerring 18.5 million copies sold worldwide

The original game Diablo (1997) centres around a lone hero as he battles to rid world of the eponymous Lord of Terror, beneath the town of Tristram, in the land of Sanctuary.

Diablo I 


In the sequel and expansion pack, Diablo II (2000) and Diablo II: Lord of Destruction (2001), we follow a new set of heroes to pursue Diablo (he lives!) as he races across the world of Sanctuary to reunite with his brothers Mephisto, the Lord of Hatred and Baal,  the Lord of Destruction. Twist: How did Diablo reemerged, you ask? none other than from the embodiment of the lone hero in the first game!

Diablo II


Now, in the latest installation, we follow another set of heroes (some old, some new) as they reenter  the world of Sanctuary some 20 years later to unravel new mysteries brewing ... is Diablo unleashing his wrath unto mankind once more? Time will tell...

Diablo III

(notice how the graphics get more canggih with each sequel? I like)

Diablo III has no release date yet, and its developer Blizzard Entertainment will only release it when its ready... In the meantime, ill be playing perhaps its closest cousin, Hellgate:London (incidentally created by the makers of Diablo and Diablo II). Let the clickfest begin!