Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Trouble in paradise?

Wilbert & Renzo

This is disturbing news indeed, Wilbert Das is pivotal in shaping DIESEL into what it is today. With his departure, Renzo has really big shoes to fill in terms of finding a new creative director. Also, CEO of the US Division, Steve Birkhold has jumped ship to Lacoste.

Hopefully with Sophia Kokosalaki in the mix designing for Diesel Black Gold ,as well as the vast pool of talent the ITS awards would smoothen the transition. And perhaps chart a bold new course for the company. Like the cliché: the only constant is change.


Diesel out of fuel

Dueling execs end 20-yr. tie, imperiling jeans maker
By JAMES COVERT //  November 14, 2009 //

Some big wheels are coming off at Diesel.

Wilbert Das, a soft-spoken Dutch designer who has been creative director at the Italian jeans maker since 1993, has left the company amid frustration with Diesel's high-profile, curly-haired founder Renzo Rosso, sources told The Post.

The beef: Rosso's taste for hogging the spotlight -- despite the fashion tycoon's carefully cultivated image as a laid-back champion of his employees and business partners.

"Wilbert is the most successful designer you never heard of," according to one source close to the company. "He's tired of doing all the work while Renzo takes all the credit."

Renzo Rosso's Diesel is running into trouble - the company's Creative Director Wilbert Das and US CEO Steve Birkhold are fed up and resigning.

Neither Das nor Rosso could be reached for comment yesterday. But the souring of their 20-year partnership has become increasingly public of late, sources said.

Indeed, as of yesterday a Wikipedia entry on Das said the designer "emphasizes always collaboration and teamwork." Meanwhile, it tags Rosso as "a figure known in the industry to be passionate about publicizing his own name."

The departure of Das, who in addition to designing the company's pricey jeans had long been a driving force behind its guerilla marketing and advertising strategies, threatens a crushing blow to Diesel.

To make matters worse, the CEO of the fashion house's US division, Steve Birkhold, has resigned to join a rival firm.

As first reported by The Post earlier this week, Birkhold, a VF Corp. veteran, was recently caught in a tiff with higher-ups in Italy over a deal he cut to distribute lower-priced jeans at Macy’s next spring.

Sources said some executives in Italy had been concerned that a move to Macy's might widen its distribution too far.

Reached by telephone yesterday, Birkhold downplayed the internal disagreements, saying that "everybody was on board" at Diesel before the Macy's deal went forward. The timing of Birkhold's departure and this week's story in The Post was "a total coincidence," he said.

Birkhold said he submitted his resignation five weeks ago to pursue "an amazing opportunity with a large company, a global lifestyle brand." He declined to name his new employer, saying the firm hadn't yet told its own employees. An announcement is planned Monday, a spokeswoman said.

Rosso's $2 billion fashion empire, which he has built in recent years by acquiring stakes in hot brands like Martin Margiela and Viktor & Rolf -- isn't necessarily crumbling. Still, the Diesel brand isn't the only part where natives are getting restless.

Dean and Dan Caten, the twin designers of the Dsquared fashion brand also owned by Rosso are "tired of seeing their designs being ripped off by Diesel," a source said. "You can see it happening, season in, season out."

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Thursday, 19 November 2009

Diesel Rockin’ Dots: SS10 Preview Collection


Always ahead of the curve, Diesel presented its SS2010 Preview collection at the official website: Diesel Rockin’ Dots. The capsule collection combines both classic items and archive pieces which have been updated with Diesel's bold signature: think micro-metal studding on T-shirts and hooded sweats, perforations on leather 4032498538_8df2cb8b39trousers,circular crocheted knitwear and jacket lapels and shirting laser-cut with the collection's signature studs, dots and perforations. 

Diesel U Music The launch is tied with the premier of the music video from The Vanities, one of the many acts discovered by the Diesel's long time music talent support programme, Diesel:U:Music. Founded in 2001 as a yearly unsigned music talent awards, Diesel:U:Music has since evolved into an international market space for new music. The video will be the first in a series showcasing other new acts in the coming months

The Vanities, a 4 man band that grew up together in Liverpool, draw their music from spiritual blues and soul roots to revolutionary rock and roll all infected with a driving new wave disco sound and an intimidating wodge of real musicianship to pound out their own idiosyncratic sound. “The band is a perfect match to the rock spirit and attitude of the new SS2010 preview collection”, says Diesel.

And what better way to showcase the cool threads by having the band members themselves rockin’ the rockin’ dots in the video. Simply studalicious…me likey! Hopefully i can nab a few come Xmas time in Singapore, hehe.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Can one really have too many jeans?


Idle time is a dangerous thing. In my case, i like to browse my favourite shopping websites and so happens to stumble upon these two items. After clicking a few necessary buttons, filling out the credit card details and waiting just a few days later… what I see on the webpage is now lying on my bed. Ahh… the joys of online shopping.


The first one, the Jalta vest, is pretty straight-forward purchase: I have always wanted one and finally found a pair that i like. I can’t wait to rock this vest, perhaps at the Bank’s upcoming annual dinner to temper my rather ‘loud’ Diesel Black Gold shirt that i plan to wear, hehe.


The second item is the Reyhan 8YD jeans. What makes me sooo in love with this Italian beauty is the two tone corduroy waistband and the leather patch with brass logo plaque at the rear. Tres’ unique!

reyhan 2

With this pair joining the ranks in my closet, it officially becomes my 14th Diesel jeans that i own. 14?!! Sometimes I ask myself, can one really have too many jeans?

Well, to be fair… all of my babies are different in terms of wash, fit and designs. And hey, some people are chronic bagaholics, so what's wrong with being a denimaholic, right? I am DIESELFREAK after all! hehe…

But really matching of outfits is made all that easier if you have that ‘perfect’ pair to complete the look. Case in point: If I'm going for that skinny look, ill don my Viker-Ad 88Z; or if I’m hitting the clubs and want to dress to impress, my Poiak 8SV would surely make a statement. If I'm feeling a bit retro, the legendary X-Rotuck 796 would fit perfectly. Or if I'm going back on the weekends to meet the parents, the go-to pair is always my very first Diesel jeans: Rivec 793.

But, perhaps 14 is a bit too much, especially after a dose of 'I Am Because We Are’. Maybe ill donate a few or at least hand them down to my brothers (keeping it in the family, hehe).

Then, at least I won’t feel half as guilty if I splurge on another pair in the near future..oops. Is there a denimaholics anonymous out there? I need to check in…

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Fill ‘em socks…


With the year-end fast approaching, it has become a certainty that a whole slew of artistes will release new material or compilation albums in order to make it for the coveted Xmas sales season.

This year is no different. Here are some of my potential online purchases in the next few weeks. But the only socks to be filled here is mine (selfish tak?)

From Amazon UK:

From HMV Japan:


  • ALICIA KEYS // The Element of Freedom
  • BEYONCE // I Am... Yours [CD+DVD]

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Juara Lagu 24 Semifinals


As the year-end approaches, another batch of Malaysia’s best songs of the year compete for the coveted Juara Lagu award. What makes this year unique is that there are no more Pop/Rock, Ballad and Ethnic Creative categories. Instead, all eligible entries are pooled together, and based on popular voting, the best 30 will compete for 14 spots in the finals in January 2010. They are:

6 Nov
1. Mirage (Pesawat)
2. Kau Aku (Aizat)
3. Dia, Aku dan Kamu (Nadia & Red Peanut)
4. Oh Anok Anok (Reshmonu)
5. Tak Mungkin Kerna Sayang (Alyah)
6. Aku Scandal (Hujan)
7. Enjut (Noraniza Idris)
8. Gila (Mila)
9. Dan Sebenarnya (Yuna)
10. Raja Gelek (One Nation Emcees)
11. Bertamu Di Kalbu (Jaclyn Victor)

13 Nov
1. Aurora (Estranged)
2. Seadanya Aku (Nubhan)
3. Tahu Tak Tau Joget (Jinbara)
4. Ku Pinjam Satu Bintang (Alyah & Riz)
5. Fikirlah (Aizat)
6. Khatimah Cinta (6ixth Sense)
7. Bengang (Akim)
8. Aku Rindu Sayang Kamu (Black)
9. Pari-Pari Di Bawah Angin (Meet Uncle Hussain)
10. Benar-Benar (Adam)
11. Masih Jelas (Hafiz)

20 Nov
1. Situasi (Bunkface)
2. Rindu Terhenti (Tomok)
3. Patri (Jinbara)
4. Pakai Buang (Stacy)
5. Pergi (Aizat)
6. Ketika Ini (Estranged)
7. Bencinta (Faizal Tahir)
8. Cinta Adam & Hawa (Misha Omar)


It looks like reality artistes continue to dominate the nominations. Who am i rooting for? On a whim Ill go for Faizal Tahir, Aizat, Hafiz, Tomok and Yuna.