Friday, 9 November 2007

The art of successful shopping

Step 1: When embarking on a shopping expedition, it is advisable to bring along your friends whom have impeccable taste, for their views and opinions.

Step 2: Approach your favourite boutique with heightened anticipation.

Step 3: Once inside, do soak in the atmosphere and have a general glance though of the entire collection.

Step 4: Don't forget to check out the signature items of what your favourite brand is famous for, in this case its jeans, jeans, jeans!

Step 5: Pay close attention to the cutting, fit, wash and detailing. Don't be embarrassed to try on ALL the items of interest and ask for opinions. Remember, what looks good on the rack may not necessarily look good on you!

Step 6: Once satisfied with your choices, proceed to cashier for payment. Do provide the relevant loyalty cards for point accumulation and any extra privileges. Feel free to snap snap at the cashiers for freebies for catalogues, samples and gift premiums.

Step 7: Breath a sigh of relief once the payment transaction is approved. Save any regrets that you may have for later when the statement arrives, hehehe...

Step 8: Finally, step out for the store with glee and display your purchases to the world proudly. Repeat steps 1 - 8 as often as possible, finances permitting of course ;)

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arenaKu uKanera said...

I just had my first Diesel jeans last month, and I do not know how to explain, but I feel good in it. Thanks, Shaz for explaining the difference between the one that we have in Malaysia and worldwide. And I am starting to bond with bench. Well, not as posh as Diesel (not yet I guess) but I like the design very much.