Wednesday, 14 November 2007


The emergence of reality talent competitions has definitely injected new blood and provided fresh muses to our local composers, producers, lyricists and music industry as a whole to thrive. On the other hand, the plethora reality artistes nowadays have also raised questions on their credibility and longevity, hence the 'instant noodle' connotation plaguing many a hopeful. Nonetheless, every once in a while diamonds in the rough are discovered. Given the opportunity, guidance and an unwavering belief in their raw potential, these budding talents will most surely blossom.

None is more so than Diddy, a graduate of the 4th season of the ratings smash Akademi Fantasia. In his debut album, Diddy reveals the different sides his personality through an eclectic choice of audio-forward pop songs, with a touch of hip-hop and rock. The sparsely produced record serves to accentuate his smooth 'manly' vocals to great affect. The result includes the lusciously haunting HILANG (featuring operatic vocals by Nikki), already a semifinalist in this years Anugerah Juara Lagu; while the mesmerising SAAT is a study of sublime vocal delivery accompanied by only piano arrangement. Diddy plays on his cheerful side with the SALING TERPESONA, a duet with Yanie which served to introduced both to fans. While other fast tracks LENA and KUBU oozes with suave and understated cool. Overall a surprisingly mature and confident offering and definitely raises the bar for his other reality peers.


  1. Lena (Audi Mok/Nur Fatima)****

  2. Hilang (Audi Mok/Bash)*****

  3. Bosan (Shazzy/Bash)***

  4. Kubu (Audi Mok/Ad Samad)****1/2

  5. Bebas (Audi Mok/Bash)****

  6. Saling Terpesona - duet with Yanie (Audi Mok/Nur Fatima)****1/2

  7. Sana (Azan Addin/Azan Addin)***1/2

  8. Genggam (Audi Mok/Imran)***1/2

  9. Puja (Audi Mok & Faizal Tahir/Bash)***

  10. Saat (Zain/Bash)*****