Friday, 28 December 2007

Going Japanese

After a week-long holiday break, imagine my pleasant surprise finding little brown parcel welcoming me on my desk. The parcel contains the above CD's: two are from artistes making a comeback of sorts, one from cancer while other from the paparazzi, while the other one is currently reigning the charts. You may be perplexed as to why i would go out of my to buy these albums online, when not only all of them are available locally, but two of my friends already have one each. Well, those who know me will appreciate that these CD's are not just any regular CD. These are Japanese Editions.
So what's so special about Japanese Edition CD's? For some reason i do not know of, in Japan, locally pressed CD's are more expensive than imports. But, the difference in price is made up by some very special features that makes Japanese Editions very very desirable among audiophiles. First is the bonus tracks: Alicia has five tracks, Britney has four and Kylie has two. Second is the printed lyrics, both in English and Japanese translation, which is a rare feature in albums these days. And finally, there are the exclusive premiums: Kylie gives a sample of her new perfume, while Britney offers an bejeweled name sticker.
So, if you are a sucker for special, limited and collector editions like myself (hehe...) do check out their respective Japanese editions when they are released. My main source is

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