Saturday, 28 June 2008

Tribute to a DIVA

My 'love affair' with the DIVA was started off by, of all things, a mini hifi system.

I remember way back in 1994, my dad finally decided to buy a new hifi system for the family to replace our aging cassette player. It was to be our first that would be able play CDs: we have finally entered the digital age, hehehe...

What influenced him was this advertisement that has been airing repeatedly on TV at that time: it was for the Sony Truvox hifi system. While he was convinced by the superior hi fidelity audio, I was more intrigued by the stunning voice and beauty of the model featured. I was practically hooked from that moment onwards, never to have guessed that she was a budding star destined for bigger and brighter things ahead.

So when I tagged along with my dad to buy some CDs to test it the system's capabilities, I also decided to buy for myself my first CD, her sophomore album, simply titled 'Ning'. You could imagine my sheer delight listening her sing 'Share My Dream (True Vocal)' on a system that promises to deliver true vocals: utter heavenly bliss... hehe!

The most alluring thing that about the idea of celebrity to me is the element of mystery. I love the fact that, no matter the countless times I see her on TV, in the magazines or even at the concerts... that I'm well aware I do not really know her. Some unabashed diehard fans would go to great lengths to buy every magazine, snap as many pictures, get as many autographs, go to every live performance... all in an effort to get to know her at some higher, subliminal level. For that I salute them. But for me, I like to keep my worship personal: I may not be as fanatical, but in my own little world, I would like to think that I am her #1 fan (then again, don't we all like to think so too?). I would do so with little expectation of anything in return, other than hoping that she will continue to do what she does best, that is to entertain and inspire.

But what happens if the adulation was indeed appreciated, and something was given back in return? That is what precisely happened to me some 10 years ago, when a simple Hari Raya card sent was replied in kind...




She didn’t have to reply my Raya card, her busy schedule wouldn't have permitted it. But the fact that SHE DID, and had personally hand written it to boot was like an epiphany to me. It had shattered the element of mystery that I thought I liked and had became something even better: a genuine human connection.

So on this most blessed of days, I am wishing her all the health, happiness and success in the world...



Friday, 20 June 2008

TGI B'day


The b'day boy (boy lagi ke?)



The food (very healthy)



The gift (he is an A|X freak!)



The after dinner fun (eye on Bukit Jalil, hehe...)

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

30 Years of Successful Living

Diesel lovers know fully well the significance of 1978. Encoded as a design element of almost all of its garments, it refers the year the brand was unleashed to the unsuspecting world. Now come November 2008, the fashion house will celebrate its 30th anniversary in style by releasing a lavish coffee-table book with a no-brainer title Diesel: For successful living (duh!).

I'm not sure of the contents, but no doubt it will be a continuation of the Diesel story canvassed in its previous publication, FIFTY (released in 2005 in conjunction with Renzo's 50th b'day). Published by Rizzoli, with commentary by Saatchi and Saatchi CEO, expect insider information on the evolution and future direction of the brand, lots of photos and design elements, and of course more of the quirky and ironic advertising that we just can't get enough of.

: For Successful Living
Written by Diesel
Pub Date: 4 November 2008
Format: Hardcover
Category: Photography - Fashion
US Price: $150.00
CAN Price: $172.00
ISBN: 978-0-8478-3166-1 (0-8478-3166-3)
Publisher: Rizzoli
Trim Size: 10 x 12-3/8

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Everybody say 'raspberry'!

Thanks to a friendly yet super persuasive sales assistant and Tangs Orchard; what started out as just wanting to buy the shower gel escalated into me forking out for the whole set! Hey, who could resist freebie after freebie: badges, samples, carry on pouches, exclusive dog tag... Hmm now i could finally do that layering thing when I go out on a hot date (haha...)

Anyway, if anyone is curious as to how the advertising and bottle design came into fruition, i suggest filling up with some premium knowledge.

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Konsert Fenomena Ziana & Anuar Zain

Last night I had the opportunity to attend the recording of Konsert Fenomena at Angkasapuri, headlined by none other the most famous siblings in the local entertainment industry. The auditorium was packed to the brim with screaming fans... and both Ziana and Anuar did not dissapoint. Singing a selection of hits (old, new and yet to be released), the duo also featured guest singers the legendary J Jay and the original diva Liza Aziz! So why the traditional and ethnic get up? well, all will be revealed when the show is aired during this Raya season (duh!)

ps: Sorry for the fuzzy pics... have to snap them fast before them pesky security people confiscate the caamera

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Singapore Trip (again)

Its been a while since I last updated an entry, thought some pics from my Singapore trip last weekend would remedy that...


Sam and Yusof... looking all preppy despite the rain. (This is Sam's first Singapore trip... congrats, and oh yess happy pre-birthday, hehe...)


Aidil and myself... (Aidil is anxiously waiting for the outcome of his exam results, all the best! If It all goes well, I can recommend a nice restaurant or two to celebrate, hehehe...)


I'm back! My seasonal pilgrimage to Diesel Forum is getting better and better every time. Why? Even though its the Great Singapore Sale season, Club 21 does not officially starts its sale until 19th June, but the ever so helpful staff has been kind enough to give me some very privileged 'flexibilities'  on that part, plus some highly desirable freebies. Thanks guys! See you next season when the store exclusively offers the Black Gold Collection. (hmmm... time for me to upgrade)



At the Hereen, Yusof also did his own pilgrimage Ed Hardy store, hehehe... While we were there, guess which Diva is eminently promoted right,front and centre? Ring any bells?



As a parting pic, thanks to Abg Rauf for graciously playing tour guide and offering to host us in Singapore. Ada kelapangan boley datang lagi ye, hehe...