Saturday, 30 August 2008

Happy 1st anniversary to myself!


On my birthday last year I decided to embrace the world of cyberspace self-glorification by blogging my first entry. And today on my 29th I'm also celebrating a 1st.My how time flies eh?

I set out to share with my readers (im suuure there are thousands upon thousands of them, gitue... ;) ) chronicles of my successful and unsuccessful life. And to a certain extent I think I have achieved that. The highs were definitely high: from meeting Malaysia's #1 Diva to Malaysia's 1st astronaut, from visiting mystical Nepal to urbane Singapore, from quaint little Brunei to sprawling hedonistic Bangkok, from scuba diving with (tiger) sharks in Langkawi to lapping it up luxuriously in Louis Vuitton. And of course the all-to-often ranting and raving about Diesel Diesel Diesel (haha...). There were also some lows (dreams deferred being one of them), but thankfully they are few and far between.

So what's in store for Dieselfreak the next 365 days? Know one knows for sure. But hopefully, with that extra candle on the cake, comes with it the experience and the wisdom to successfully venture forward in the challenge that is life.


Saturday, 23 August 2008


Here are some snaps from my b'day party at MyThai by Jim Thompson, StarHill. Held a week in advance (I'm a pre-Merdeka baby), it is an intimate gatherings of close friends to enjoy some delicious food, laughter and great company. Thanks guys for making the time as well as the wonderful gifts. Really appreciate it :)


Everybody say 'cheese' (Anyone knows what is cheese in Thai?)


Signature Thai Dish: Tom Yum Kung 



The MyThai taster platter


Deep fried grouper in sticky n sweet n sour sauce


Mango smoothie


Left: the MC in recycled (oops, I meant to say multi-purpose) shirt

Right: the Silom Soi II look, hehe...


So not Thailicious look. No wonder didn’t get any votes, hehe...


...unlike these two at the left, dear ol' Jimmy himself would be proud


Middle: "I'm wearing something that is available in Thailand!", wadas...


The b'day cake aka make-a-wish foundation time. Thanks guys for the yummy treat


Gift unwrapping time. Hmm, I wonder whats inside...


Thanks guys. I luuve it!  Dieselfreak approves,hehe..

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Diesel FW 2008 Advertising Campaign

There is a lot of mystery shrouding Diesel's fall/winter campaign this time round. I've tried to Google for previews of its print ads but found nada, save for those found at its homepage and published in various September issue fashion magazines. Here is a sampling:

Diesel Black Gold

Diesel Black Gold II

Diesel Black Gold III

Diesel Black Gold IV

As you can see, they are probably Diesel's the most avant-garde and high fashion ads yet. Shot by John Scarisbrick, they are also devoid of any obvious themes like 'Live Fast', 'Human After All' or 'Global Warming Ready'.

Perhaps Diesel will reveal all in due course: there was this countdown on its homepage a few weeks ago, alluding to what looks like experiments involving bovines! Whatever it is, the ads are strong and provocative enough such that it doesn't need any fancy taglines.

Also, befitting for a fashion house celebrating its 30th anniversary, the logo has also been revamped, dropping the 'For Successful Living' moniker to be simply known as Diesel. Wanna know more? Click on the youtube (courtesy of Diesel Japan) to find out...

Saturday, 16 August 2008

All hail MA50NNA!


I'm going to tell you a secret...

I wasn't a Madonna fan to begin with.

Yes, way back then I was aware of this chameleon-like entertainer who thrives on shock and awe: the iconic cone-bra definitely comes to mind. But it was all merely passing intrigue.

It wasn't until 'Frozen' came out did I finally took notice. The mystical, sweeping electronica strings in the track was hypnotic:I finally converted and never looked back ever since. Ray of Light became my first album of hers. I enjoyed all her subsequent offerings (even American Life!) and catched up on all of her past work, further convincing me on her talent and genius as one of the most influential entertainer of our time. She is forever on the cutting edge, often imitated but never duplicated.

So on this milestone of a day, I'm celebrating and honouring all of her insurmountable achievements thus far, and wishing her all the success for the future. All hail the Queen!

Tuesday, 12 August 2008


Diesel is celebrating its 30th anniversary with a bang!

In conjunction with thirty years of successful living, the iconic brand will be hosting simultanious parties around the world. xXx will take place on October 11th 2008, among others in Tokyo, Beijing, Dubai, Amsterdam, Tel Aviv, Athens, Milan, Zurich, Paris, Munich, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Oslo, Helsinki, London, Sao Paolo and New York. xXx promises "24 hours of blazing hot, time zone-hopping performances from hundreds of the world’s greatest bands and superstar DJs, alongside the very best of the Diesel-U-Music rosta; all set to a landscape of bleary-eyed beautiful people, liggers and pukers. Amen."

Amen indeed

Thursday, 7 August 2008


DSCN0182 I'm leaving on a jet plane...









DSCN0193 At the immigration checkpoint, Suvarnabhumi Airport







BKK here I come!








Taking a walk on the wild side at Patpong, hehehe...







View of Siam Paragon, downtown BKK







Double-story BTS lines, impressivo!







Nothing says 'I've arrived' in a given place than a Hard Rock T-shirt







From A|X...








To Diesel, right across...hehehe







A taste of home at Cili Padi...








PPC at Suvarnabhumi (already?), before heading home

Wednesday, 6 August 2008


When your having a great time, time does not go by so slowly! After a one-hour delay, we safely landed back home at 9pm yesterday... and already discussing our next return trip, hehe.

Here are some pics I managed to snap. Because I was not the designated photographer (always a bit lazy at focusing the lens,hehe), there are wide gaps between the takes. I'll try to update more once my friend sends over is 250+ shots...



A quick bite at KL Sentral before taking the bus to LCCT







The next morning at Sala Daeng station, waiting for the BTS... Isnt this a spitting image of Maluri station? or is it Pudu?






The infamous MBK Centre, BKK's answer to Sungai Wang Plaza. Thailicious spoiler alert: there is something for you guys here, hehe... ;)





MBK has rows and rows of stalls selling designer denim. Not surprisingly (or perhaps unfortunately), DIESEL is the most popular brand on offer. Oh well, as they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery (or is it?)




Strutting out locally inspired poses as the Siam Discovery Centre... ANTM winner Danielle should give a few tips on how to pose in Thailand, hehe...





Nonetheless... this A/X freak is definitely a happy camper!

ps: Although this brand has a few stores in KL, the choices on offer here are far superior and customer service as par exellence. The 7% VAT deduction doesnt hurt either






While at the opposite end, this certain freak about to get might happy himself!

pss: I'm always impressed by the fact that despite forgeries abound, the brand has 3 stores selling the real deal in BKK. It shows that where there is a will, nothing is impossible. Note to Club 21 Pte Ltd: Open a d*mn store at KL already!!!



IMG_2047Trying out the goods on offer. Personally, August (and February) are not a good time to check out stuff because they are in between seasons. Nonetheless, I did try out a couple of Black Gold pieces and bought something from the FW08 preview collection. Plus, all the denim you see at right are at 45-55% off! murah! muraaah!



Alas, all good thing must come to end... some final snaps at Suvarnabhumi  Airport before returning home :(

Sunday, 3 August 2008



Though Thailicious party is weeks away, some pre-celebrations are about to kick off (for me at least, hehe). In less than 6 hours time, ill be off to Bangkok for a much needed vacay. There will be no set itinerary,save for a compulsory trip to a you-know-what store, haha. So, wish me a safe return trip ya... fun & frolics, here I come!