Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Welcome to Kelab Malam Sinar Chinta!


Last Sunday at Wisma Angkasapuri, Ning invited her fans to travel back in in time to the good ol' 70's where vespa's reigned and corsets and bug hair were in vogue. Singer songs from that era, Ning wanted to showcase her early influences, singing classic numbers from Anita Sarawak, Nurshiela Amin and Fauziah Ahmad Daud to name a  few. Apart from that the Diva also serenaded her husband onstage with a spine-tingling rendition of Roberta Flak's The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, which was simply heartfelt and mesmerising. She also performed  a medley of her hits and premiered her next Malay single, Embunan Bersinar.

The following are some behind the scene piccies I have managed to snap in-between takes:






To witness this memorable performance for yourself, come on down to Kelab Malam Sinar Chinta when it airs at TV2 on 28 December 2008!



A I N A R A H I Z A N said...

hey shazwan,
it's aina from high school. ingat lg tak? someone gave me ur blog url. can i link it to mine? have 4-5 mat jiwas there already. kalau tak boleh, takpela.

me not a big fan of ning, but i think she rawks!


dieselfreak said...

Hi aina!
of course ingat, u ada unik name,hehe... anyway thanks for the link. nanit bila i free i jenguk2kan your blog k :)