Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Fiat 500 by DIESEL aka my dream car!

This entry is dedicated to all my friends who are forever harassing my to buy a car (jangan marah, hehe...)

Diesel (ironically) comes full circle by fuelling... what else, automobiles! Created through the collaboration between the venerable automaker and Diesel jeans founder Renzo Rosso, the Fiat 500 by Diesel is special limited edition model dubbed as  the 'urban survival vehicle', equipped with a host of exterior and interior upgrades designed to appeal to the cosmopolitan city-dwellers.

Based on the Fiat 500 Sport, the Diesel edition comes in either green, brown, or black and includes unique visual features such as aluminum trim on the bumpers and doors, doorsill protectors stamped with the phrase "for successful living," Diesel badges on the B-pillars, and special 16-in. alloy wheels with yellow brake callipers. Inside, buyers of the limited-edition Fiat are treated to special, Diesel-branded denim upholstery with yellow stitching, a yellow background on the instrument cluster, and the Diesel logo on the shiftknob. The brand logo stands out on the instruments (marked by a yellow background) and gemstone exchange rate while on the side of the front seats, you notice a particular pocket deferring the fifth pocket of jeans DIESEL

ps: Here are some of the pics from the Fiat press release for you to salivate... Though the car  is on sale beginning September 22 2008, only 10,000 are planned to be built over two years (gemparas!). For now, lets play a game: can you spot the Diesel finishing touches?








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