Wednesday, 26 November 2008

I should be so lucky

OMG where to begin? I remember about one and a half months ago when a friend of mine text me, "Jom tengok Kylie nak?". Immediately i called him back with a resounding YES! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be entertained by the Her excellency the Princess of Pop up close and personal, and I wouldn’t missit for the world So on Tuesday afternoon the three of us scuttled our way to Singapore for the KYLIEX2008 concert and some early Christmas shopping.


Two Energie models PPT on the ERL







IMG_2528Kylie merchandise outside the National Indoor Station, Kallang Singapore






Laying my hands on the tourbook, I should be so lucky!







IMG_2530 View of the stage as the sell out crowd starts to fill the arena







IMG_2536 The show is starting... and here she is, KYLIE!







IMG_2537View of the screen (just in case any of you do not believe me)







IMG_2539 Strutting her stuff like no one else can (well, perhaps Madonna hehe...). Though the Asian leg lacks some of the impressive set pieces, the choreography does not disappoint



IMG_2540 "Are you having fun tonight, Singapore?"







IMG_2543 Then, two hours later (all too soon i might say), the show ended with the bang

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Hazry said...

thanks Shaz for the colourful friendship :)