Thursday, 23 October 2008

How to install a doorknob

Simple-to-follow steps... just it case you ever get stuck in such a situation.












1. Install the strikeplate with the two screws.



2. Position the deadlatch into its place and screw into place



3. The door knob comes in two halves, which slide together and are joined by a pair of long machine screws. Obviously, the outside knob is the one with the key and the inside knob has a button. MAKE SURE TO PLACE IT CORRECTLY... Otherwise it is as good as having no door at all!, hehe...



4. Twist in the rose insert into place



5. Then, lock in the inside knob



6. Don't forget to test your work with the key and ensure that both handles twist easily, the knobs don't rattle up against the door (if this happens the screws are too loose) and the door cannot be pushed or pulled open (from either side) without using the handle.



7. Voila! Your brand new doorknob... now, who says that DIESELFREAK can't do 'man's' job properly, hehe...

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Hazry said...

congrats! impress bila dieselfreak jadik handyman