Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Unlucky star

Today may very well be my most unluckiest day of my life... bar none! Even Lemony Snicket himself cannot to these series of unfortunate events:

1. Woke up late this morning (always not a good sign)

2. About to head out to work, discovered that my doorknob refused to open! Despite all the push, twist and shoves the door refused to budge one bit.

3. Getting desparate (and downright sweaty)... brought in screwdriver, hammer

4. Still wont budge. texted boss to say running a bit late

5. Finnally, door opened but doorknob busted. Lucky for the grilled door. Ran to LRT station

6. When you thought it couldnt get any worse, LRT delayed... arrived at office 1/2 hour late

7. Afternoon... went out to buy replacement doorknob. Suddenly it rained heavily on the way back, got wet

8. Almost end-of-day, boss gives yet another last minute assignment. About to do but suddenly my PC crashed! restarted for the bajillionth time... same outcome. This time royally screwed

9. Boss says no excuses, cuz bigger boss wants by tomorrow morning. As such forced to use backup laptop. Struggled to finish the assignment while everyone happyly clocking of... Sooo not happening

10. Finally completed the task, though far from perfect. Sure kena marah one esop pagi. Clocked out at 9pm, the last person to leave the department

11. Arrive LRT station 45 minutes later and guess what? it rained heavily again... stuck at LRt for another 15 minutes

12. Finally reached home. Realized i forgot to bring back my new doorknob.

I'm not sure if this is karma for past wrong-doings (if it is i seek forgiveness to anyone, everyone that I have crossed... sorry ) , or simply an amusement from the powers that be (I hope not), but all i know for sure that If anything like this happens again, I'm gonna loose my head. Sigh... perhaps some shopping therapy would help.

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Hazry said...

sabar ye Shaz... drama hindustan sangat cerita u tu... maybe karma (or perhaps u should ask Sharon Stone for 2nd opinion?). Ask forgiveness from God, then your parents, then anyone, everyone that u have crossed. Good luck!