Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Happy New Year


A new year means more than simply hanging up a new calendar. It should be a time of reflection; of learning from past mistakes and gaining strength and wisdom from past experiences. But more importantly, it should be a time for resolution and new beginnings; of turning a new leaf and of planning for the future (albeit so uncertain) with renewed optimism and much rejuvenation.

In this challenging year ahead, DIESELFREAK wishes everyone a happy and most successful two double o' nine!


Hazry said...

happy new year to u too

A I N A R A H I Z A N said...

better late than never... happy new year shaz! (heh, since when i call u shaz? :P) said...

Dear, let me congratulate you on the upcoming holidays and wish you all the best in the ensuing year! Let Santa bring you happiness for the next whole year! Let God protect you and save you!