Sunday, 8 June 2008

Singapore Trip (again)

Its been a while since I last updated an entry, thought some pics from my Singapore trip last weekend would remedy that...


Sam and Yusof... looking all preppy despite the rain. (This is Sam's first Singapore trip... congrats, and oh yess happy pre-birthday, hehe...)


Aidil and myself... (Aidil is anxiously waiting for the outcome of his exam results, all the best! If It all goes well, I can recommend a nice restaurant or two to celebrate, hehehe...)


I'm back! My seasonal pilgrimage to Diesel Forum is getting better and better every time. Why? Even though its the Great Singapore Sale season, Club 21 does not officially starts its sale until 19th June, but the ever so helpful staff has been kind enough to give me some very privileged 'flexibilities'  on that part, plus some highly desirable freebies. Thanks guys! See you next season when the store exclusively offers the Black Gold Collection. (hmmm... time for me to upgrade)



At the Hereen, Yusof also did his own pilgrimage Ed Hardy store, hehehe... While we were there, guess which Diva is eminently promoted right,front and centre? Ring any bells?



As a parting pic, thanks to Abg Rauf for graciously playing tour guide and offering to host us in Singapore. Ada kelapangan boley datang lagi ye, hehe...


Johnny Li Hong Kong said...

Hi, I am Johnny and I am also a big fan of Diesel. I live in Hong Kong and I feel so happy that the first Black Gold debut collection is selling here. Though the number of styles and quantity is small, it's really quite different from the traditional lines of Diesel. I just bought a jacket and sweater and they are just fantastic! Hope you have your Black Gold collection very soon. Enjoy!

dieselfreak said...

Hey Johnny
thanks for stopping by.
yeah Hong Kong is very fortunate to have Black Gold first... and a second flagship store as well!

me so jealous... hehehe