Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Up to a higher power

This afternoon i had my presentation cum interview for my scholarship application. I have been in somewhat of a nervous wreck the entire weekend, preparing the presentation slides, rehearsing and thinking about all the permutations on potential questions that might pop up. And at 3.45pm today, after about 30 minutes or so... it was all over.
How did i do? Well, i did present my slides without a hitch, i did answer all of the questions raised. I also managed to inject some humour and into my arguments, all delivered in a natural, BBC-esque British accent I thought I lost years ago (hehehe). On the other hand, I somehow lacked conviction in some of my answers and perhaps did not project a more confident outlook as I have hoped for... so i suppose my chances of getting the scholarship or not are more or less balanced.
Whatever it is, as they always say, it is now beyond our control and that it is up to the powers that be to decide my fate. In the meantime, i better start sending in those long overdue application forms before the closing date inches closer.
Here's hoping that the next time you will read about my study plans, i will be able to give a definite and most importantly, a favourable outcome. Wish me luck ;)

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