Saturday, 30 August 2008

Happy 1st anniversary to myself!


On my birthday last year I decided to embrace the world of cyberspace self-glorification by blogging my first entry. And today on my 29th I'm also celebrating a 1st.My how time flies eh?

I set out to share with my readers (im suuure there are thousands upon thousands of them, gitue... ;) ) chronicles of my successful and unsuccessful life. And to a certain extent I think I have achieved that. The highs were definitely high: from meeting Malaysia's #1 Diva to Malaysia's 1st astronaut, from visiting mystical Nepal to urbane Singapore, from quaint little Brunei to sprawling hedonistic Bangkok, from scuba diving with (tiger) sharks in Langkawi to lapping it up luxuriously in Louis Vuitton. And of course the all-to-often ranting and raving about Diesel Diesel Diesel (haha...). There were also some lows (dreams deferred being one of them), but thankfully they are few and far between.

So what's in store for Dieselfreak the next 365 days? Know one knows for sure. But hopefully, with that extra candle on the cake, comes with it the experience and the wisdom to successfully venture forward in the challenge that is life.


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Hazry said...

Hepi Bday 2u & 1st Anniversary 2 Dieselfreak