Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Diesel FW 2008 Advertising Campaign

There is a lot of mystery shrouding Diesel's fall/winter campaign this time round. I've tried to Google for previews of its print ads but found nada, save for those found at its homepage and published in various September issue fashion magazines. Here is a sampling:

Diesel Black Gold

Diesel Black Gold II

Diesel Black Gold III

Diesel Black Gold IV

As you can see, they are probably Diesel's the most avant-garde and high fashion ads yet. Shot by John Scarisbrick, they are also devoid of any obvious themes like 'Live Fast', 'Human After All' or 'Global Warming Ready'.

Perhaps Diesel will reveal all in due course: there was this countdown on its homepage a few weeks ago, alluding to what looks like experiments involving bovines! Whatever it is, the ads are strong and provocative enough such that it doesn't need any fancy taglines.

Also, befitting for a fashion house celebrating its 30th anniversary, the logo has also been revamped, dropping the 'For Successful Living' moniker to be simply known as Diesel. Wanna know more? Click on the youtube (courtesy of Diesel Japan) to find out...


Anonymous said...

I'm a huge fan of the brand too. The ads have come such a long way since the iconic LaChapelle campaigns of the naughty 90's. Like the surreal field going on in the current campaign -it's so different from the other fashion advertisers out there who all continue to stick a beautiful girl in a pretty dress-Diesel truly challenges this aesthetic!

A friend of mine who works at one of the magazine houses told me they are having a huge global party in mid October with a limited edition dirty denim jean going for £30 as opposed to £200 for one day only- something called "Dirty Thirty" but not entirely sure what as seems to be quite underground!

dieselfreak said...

Thanks for stopping by.Yup, i always look forward to their campaigns each season as to what Diesel will think of next. "Dirty Thirty" eh? Man, wish i could nab a pair of those. Sounds fab

Anonymous said...

in the top advert, the image on the right, man and woman holding hands, its direct from a scene in hitchcocks film rear window, when i saw it in a magazine i got all fan-geeky, but i havent been able to find any information on it.... bah.

Anonymous said...

hey dieselfreak!
i`m looking for an old commercial by DIESEL.maybe you can help me...
it s a 2D animation(reminds on hyroniemus bosch).but i cannot find it.

Anonymous said...


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