Friday, 2 May 2008


As a rule, DIESELFREAK rarely blogs in his mother tongue. Not because Im not proud of Bahasa Malaysia, but rather as a way to reach out to a global audience (yeah right, hehehe). Anyway my posting today warants such a rare outburst. For i can not pot so eloquently in any other way...
So, ceritanya begini:

Esok dah nak checkout dari hotel and leave for Malaysia at 8am. So, ingat tonight nak settlekan bill la, supaya esok tak rushing. Kat lobby, bill is B$1,200. Oklah, Bank sponsor. Bila nak swipe card Amex Maybankcard... kena reject! FINE! I tought nak collect 2X treatspoints. Then cuba Visa Maybankcard pulak ... kena reject lagi!!! I taklah bawak any other credit card pun. So the cocearge pun cubalah try call Amex call centre. Diorang suruh naik bilik and tunggu.

1 jam kemudian, concearge call, suruh kita call Maybank call centre. OKlah... turun lobby, cubalah call guna nombor yang tertera kat credit card. 1-300 number (kira toll free lah). TAKLEH GET THROUGH! Sebab call dari overseas. FINE!! So kita tanyalah concearge kalau boley guna internet kejaap je nak ambik number for overseas. diorang cakap kena internet kat guna business centre, but minimum charge is B$6 for 1 hour. APAKAH INAS?!! I want to use for 5 minutes only. So, mau tak mau, terpaksalah.

So call lah Maybank call centre, nasib baik diorang jawab at first ring. Mula nak marah nie, dah siap hujah good paymaster la... credit card balance zero laa... Rupa-rupanya, the reason my cards are rejected is technically I DAH OVER CREDIT LIMIT, WALAUPUN BALANCE IS ZERO. Macam mana tue?

Let me explain, remember my baby, my new laptop that i bought tue? Well, i pay using credit card via EzyPay Scheme (so ansuran 12-months at 0% interest laa..). Well, it turns out that there is a catch. Walaupun Ezypay ansuran, Maybank dah block RM5,750 dari my RM6,500 credit limit (dah pecah lubang). So thats way my hotel payment cannot get through. HANJ CORAZON TAK? Anyway, as an emergency solution, Maybank had temporarily increase my credit limit for another RM6,000 until 6 May so that i could pay may bill and do some shopping at KLIA tomorrow. So i kena tunggu another 1/2 jam for that to happen. In the meantime I am here, at 12 midnight,writing to you at the business centre, just to use up my 1 hour allocation.

OK, dah habis ranting
later i will post some sights and souunds of Brunei, when I ahve sufficently cool down


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Anonymous said...

RM6500 jer kredit limit ko? Kah kah kah. Sikitnyerrrrrrrrrr