Saturday, 11 December 2010

Ning Baizura, Jaclyn Victor and Shila combined vocal forces in 3 SUARA

What happens when diva Ning Baizura, ingénue Jaclyn victor and rising starlet Shila join forces in a secret album ? the result is 3 SUARA, a special project consisting of 10 ‘three-ets’ (is there such a word?) which will hit stores in December.

This unique idea to combine the three singers came from Kevin Chin, a Malaysian working in Singapore who also selected the tracklist. Meanwhile, Indonesian producer Irwan Simanjutak helmed the production of the album.

I guess for Ning fans when it rains, it pours… cuz after almost 6 years anticipating her next Malay album, which is almost complete and due to be released early 2011, we are treated with this surprise prezzie. Happy days indeed…


01 - It's Beautiful Life
02 - Menari Dalam Hujan
03 - Seisi Hatimu
04 - Di Mana Di Mana
05 - Beribu Sesalan
06 - Hanya Satu
07 - Mengenangmu
08 - Tomorrow's Calling
09 - Teman
10 - Beribu Sesalan [Acoustic Version]


sidek said...


I love your blog, I'm watching it recently. I'm a DIESEL addict too. :)
I would like to ask something, please help. My quastion is, are there physical catalogues after 2005 fall/winter red western catalogue? Because that is my last physical catalogue. After that all the DIESEL stores in London (when I was there) said that thare are no catalogues anymore, they in the internet only. Is it true?
I'm very sad that I can't have the beautiful Human After All campaign on paper, or the awesome Live Fast...etc.

Anyway here's my blog from Hungary, I have a lot of DIESEL posts with pics of my new DIESEL clothes. :)

Thank you! :)

dieselfreak said...

Hi Sidek,
thanks for dropping by. btw you DIESEL collection is awesome!

I believe the physical ad catalogs are still produced but is very difficult to come by. My latest catalog was Global Warming Ready and Be Stupid SS2010.

I try to ask for the lookbooks instores if they dont have the catalog. For that i got the Diesel and Diesel Black Gold SS and FW2010issues. It pays if you maintain a good relationship with the sale assistants and store managers, hehe

anyways good luck in getting yours and have a very merry Xmas


sidek said...

Thank you for the answer! :)
Merry Xmas to you too, and Happy New Year!

Anyway, my DIESEL collection is far bigger. :) In my blog there are just the latest additions. :)
I collect D since about 2002.

Have you got maybe spare catalogues? I would like to buy them. :)