Saturday, 16 January 2010

Diesel SS2010 Advertising Campaign

2010 is going to be a pretty interesting year for Diesel, judging by its spring summer advertising campaign. With the departure of creative director Wilbert Das, it seems that the company is opting for a ‘reboot’: an opportunity to refresh itself and return to its roots. Hence, after three seasons of absence, the iconic red ‘for successful living’ logo once again grace the print campaigns world wide.

The denim company is urging the masses to Be Stupid. But why stupid? Well, the best explanation is beautifully summarised in the poster below:


It is no surprise that some of the worlds most revolutionary ideas were often sidelined and labelled just that at its inception. Sceptics are all to ready to jump on the chance to crush creativity, passion and inspiration. But with perseverance and determination, it is these very stupid ideas that eventually ignite and inspire. Everyone knows of the story of Renzo Rosso’s attempt to market his first pre-distressed jeans to a store owner was met with the exact same sentiments. 30 odd years later, that particular store owner is still eating his words…

Conceptualised by the Diesel Creative Team with agency Anomaly, New York This campaign is photographed by Kristin Vicari, Melodie McDaniel and Chris Buck. It colourfully combines absurd, cheeky, sexy images with sage tips on being stupid:

Smart Listens to the Head, Stupid Listens to the Heart
We’re With Stupid
Smart Critiques, Stupid Creates
Stupid is trial and error. Mostly Error
Smart has the Plans, Stupid has the Stories
Smart had one Good Idea, and that was Stupid
Smart says No. Stupid says Yes.
Only the Stupid can be Truly Brilliant.
You Can’t Outsmart Stupid.
Be Stupid.
Stupid Ain’t Dumb.


























Tips for successful living indeed..

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