Sunday, 6 December 2009

Diesel corner at Harvey Nichols, Jakarta


When Harvey Nichols opened its first South East Asian store (and fifth outside the British Isles) in Jakarta in Autumn 2008, it caused quite a stir among the regions fashionista’s and shopaholics. Beating out rivalling cities like Singapore and KL (rumoured due to having the largest number of resident millionaires), it is a testament to the city’s rapid development and confidence in Indonesia’s economy.

Spread over 10,000 sqm and four floors at the Grand Indonesia Shopping Town development area, the store represents a diverse portfolio of exclusive brands in fashion, fragrance, beauty and home and includes Harvey Nichols' signature Foodmarket concept and fine dining restaurants.

During my recent holiday trip to Jakarta, visited this shopping heaven with the intention of checking it its exclusive range of Diesel Denim Gallery jeans. Imagine my sweet sweet surprise when I was greeted by this little sign and the stores entrance:


Yes folks, Diesel is now available in Indonesia! Apparently this collection distributed exclusively by Harvey Nichols themselves and is not under Club21 Pte Ltd as per Singapore and Thailand.



As you can see from the pics, the Diesel corner, located at the LG floor of Harvey Nichols (i.e. the menswear floor) houses a small selection from the FW09 collection. Nonetheless, the area is attractively and artfully furnished in the typical Diesel ‘elegance’ of fun and irony.


Prices are more expensive than in Thailand and Singapore, which is generally the case for all designer brands in Indonesia. But as a courtesy purchase, I bought this pure and very simple V-top, hehe…


And what about the Diesel Denim Gallery collection? it is still there…



Prices for these coveted jeans range around 5 ~ 6 million rupiah (or about US$ 600). While am sooo tempted to splurge on one, unfortunately none that are available comes in my size 28W. Oh well, there is always Xmas is Singapore to look forward too…


amril said...

kan betul i kata??
tp mase i pegi diesel biasa 2 xde lg..
untungla rakyat indon
all the very high end brands are there in harvey nichols

amril said...
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dieselfreak said...

Haah... Diesel baru jer bukak. surprise sesangat

Anonymous said...

Where is this shop... in Grand Plaza Mall.. ??