Saturday, 12 December 2009

Bunka! hands in on Only the Brave

Presenting the strikingly artful DIESEL Only the Brave “Limited Edition” designed by Bunka!

Released in October 2009, L’Oreal Fragrances has invited Bunka, the visionary French tattoo artist and graphic designer behind some of the most coveted designer toys developed by Artoyz, to transform the Diesel’s iconic fist shape bottle from a symbol of masculinity into a masterpiece.

The result is that the bottle, originally modelled on Diesel founder Renzo Rosso’s fist, is now emblazoned in a grafitti-inspired explosion of chaotic and vivid expressions of what it means to be brave, doused in vibrant pink, white yellow that borrows the twisted and graphic codes of the “toyz” universe.





ps: this makes the perfect pre-Xmas gift for myself.


Hazry said...

congrats! u made the right choice... like u always do...

Anonymous said...

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