Monday, 16 March 2009

Lets shop! (online)

How does one gets his high fashion octane fix met when there is no DIESEL store in Malaysia?

In my case, i used to go bidding at Though that’s mostly applicable for past season items. While you can get quite good bargains, extreme caution must be exercised for fear of buying fakes. As one of the most popular brands in the world, Diesel is inevitably (and unfortunately) a victim of el-cheapo knock-offs and imitations.

A more reliable way to get your gear is to buy physically in store, and the only way to do so  for me is trips to neighbouring countries that has Diesel. I’ve been to stores in Thailand and Philippines, but mostly to Singapore. So many times that i have splurged at The Forum, Paragon and Vivo City outlets that the store manager knows me on a first name basis and accords me with certain VIP privileges (definitely not a bad thing, hehe… )

But lately, I discovered that you can also get your wardrobe just a few clicks away. And, no its not via Diesel’s virtual boutique (where shipping only available in US & EU for now), but by way of other online shopping portals that offers shipping to Malaysia. Let me introduce you to some that I recommend:



Yoox  is world famous for its vast selection off-season designer duds and discounted prices. Its online shopping management, inventory and delivery systems is so efficient that the Diesel online store is actually powered by Yoox.

Shipping to Malaysia: Express (full tracking)
Delivery Time:  in 2-4 working days
Shipping rate: US$37.18 flat





You know the website most definitely ships to Malaysia when prices are also shown in RM equivalent! That’s right, it makes it damn easy to estimate the amount you'll be charged, so there will be no surprises when the credit card bill arrives. The best bit is its two shipping options, one of them I’m sure everyone loves:

Shipping to Malaysia: USPS Airmail
Delivery Time:  in 5-10 days
Shipping rate (for orders less than US$100): US$10 flat
     Shipping rate (for orders more than than US$100): FREE!

Shipping to Malaysia: USPS Global Express Mail (full tracking)
Delivery Time:  in 3-6 days
Shipping rate (for any order amount): US$20 flat  





My favourite of the bunch, simply because, out of the three websites, it has the widest selection of Diesel and Diesel Black Gold! It also carries a wide selection of hip and up and coming brands and has special promos from time to time.

Shipping to Malaysia: Xpresspost
Delivery Time:  in 3-5 days
Shipping rate: US$50 flat


Of course there is no point in me preachin n promotin if I didn't tried one of them for myself. So, last week i ‘experimented’ by ordering a few items at S|SENSE.

The only hassle I encountered is the security verification process, whereby, after you completed your order, they will first charge you a small amount (about US$2) to your credit card. What you need to do is to reply to them what is the value in RM terms and the exact US$ charged. If those are correct, they will then charge the full amount (minus the two dollars) and proceed with shipping. The whole process of waiting for the charge to appear on you statement is 2-3 days. But i think that is a one off precautionary check, and the next time you order it will be plain sailing.

So guess what arrived on my desk on Monday:


Wanna see what inside? OK, but just a teeny tiny peek. WWait for the full reveal  at later date okay ;)


Aaah… finally some  new Diesel’s to tide me along before I go to Singapore end of this month (Ooops… confessions of a shopaholic tak?)

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