Thursday, 11 September 2008

Dirty Thirty

Diesel is celebrating its upcoming 30th anniversary, dubbed xXx, with limited-edition "Dirty Thirty" jeans. For 30 minutes only, on October 11, Diesel stores around the world will make available a limited number of xXx Limited Edition Jeans to pre-registered buyers. While design details have not been released, Diesel says male and female styles are being produced and will be available in sizes 26–38. Valued at $600, the limited edition jeans will be sold for €30 in Europe, £30 in the UK, $30 in the US, ¥30 in Japan and just $30 in Australia!
ps: No pics of the jeans has been released yet. But, i most certainly can say this: ME SO JEALOUS!

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Anonymous said...

its heeven for men and matic for women