Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Meet Tuah

Meet Tuah, the Guardian

Huh? You might ask. Well, remember that game i blogged about waaay back last year, Hellgate London?... the one that I bought even before I have my own computer? Well, at last I am on my journey battling hells minions that bedevil poor ol' London.

As my first adventure unto this post apocalyptic city, I chose the Guardian charachter from the Templar class. The Templar faction is an underground society leftover from the original Knights Templar. They combine futuristic technology with magic and ancient artifacts to create armor and weapons for melee and short-ranged combat. Templar classes are the only classes able to wield melee weapons, shields and use self-affecting auras, but have a limited ranged weapon selection.

And why do i choose the name 'Tuah' for my alter-ego? It is more to honour our own Malaysian hero, whose bravery and loyalty has become legendary. I thought it would be quite fitting.

So from time to time, I will chronicle our heroes adventures, showing you what has become of this great city, its survivors and the monsters that lurk around every corner.


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