Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Langkawi Trip 2008 (part I)

Thanks to the wonder that is no-frills airlines and 'free' air tickets, DIESELFREAK and the gang had managed to squeeze in a quick vacay to the magical Langkawi islands last weekend. Here are a few snaps from the trip...


3.10 pm: light snack at LCCT food garden

4.15 pm: all aboard... for someone its their first experiance flying (guess who?) Congrats!

5.30 pm arrival at Langkawi International Airport


10.30 -11.15 am: the city dwellers PPC at paddy field

very the...

i think tyra would be proud (right?)

12.30 - 1pm: more PPC at Dataran Lang
say cheese...

4pm - 5pm: paying a visit to Mahsuri's Tomb

freshin' up at Mahsuri's well...

preparing dinner the retro way

6.30 pm check in at Sri Kijang, Chenang Beach

contemplative pose...

enjoying the sunset and fresh ocean breeze...

tastefully appointed main lounge

five star facilities

indoor garden

posh master bedroom


Fenridal said...

See please here

Hazry said...

bestnyer... more pics please... more! more!

p/s: DO NOT click the link in the comments below. It contains verocious virus!

Hazry said...

ops... silap... link above... comments by "fenridal".