Monday, 8 October 2007

A Most Beautiful Return

Everyone has their favourite Hari Raya song. Some cherish the evergreen classics from the late Tan Sri P Ramlee and Saloma, while other's appreciate the new interpretations from the likes of M Nasir or Siti Nurhaliza. Nothing sets the mood for a nostalgic Hari Raya of bygone days quite like the prefect song that would fill the airwaves accompaning the 'balik kampung' exudos and the last minute preparations the eve before.

I also have a favourite Hari Raya song. But the irony is, the song in question is not a Raya song at all! At least, the original intention of it isn't. The song in question is KEPULANGAN YANG TERINDAH, the closing track to Ning Baizura's 2004 opus, Erti Pertemuan. Beautifully written by Firdauz JP with lyrics penned by Arab, it supposedly was inspired by the very personal story of the once estranged relationship the chantuse had with her father. It is essentially about acceptance, surrender and forgiveness, ultimately culminating in an unexpected return of a loved one on a fine 'beautiful morning'.

What makes this a Hari Raya song to me is that the themes evoked are both universal and yet very specific to Hari Raya. And the 'beautiful morning' could refer to the 1st of Syawal. The fact that, three years since its release one can still find different nuances and interpretations to the lyrics further elevates the quality of the songwriting into a class by itself. So here i present to you my favourite Hari Raya song (english translation available in the comments section):

Kepulangan Yang Terindah
Firdauz JP / Arab / Ning Baizura

Dahulu pernah aku
Membenci pada hidup ini
Menyalahkan semua kerna
Sejarah lalu ku yang amat memilukan

Perpisahan yang terjadi
Amat payah untuk diterima
Betapa aku menghanyut
Terumbang ambing di lautan keliru

Namun setelah ku redha
Suratan takdir dari Nya
Kasih yang pergi menjelma semula
Aku bagaikan bermimpi
Di saat dikau kembali
Air mata syukur mengalir di pipi

Di hati masih tertanya
Akan kekalkah bahagia
Namun ku harus percaya
Ini adalah hikmah sebenarnya

Di hening pagi nan indah
Kita kembali bertemu
Kepulangan yang tak pernah ku sangka
Biarpun menggunung dendam
Sekian lama terpendam
Semuanya kini terpadam sudah

Ku sambut dia
Sepenuh cinta
Kerana aku tahu
Semua ini Rahsia Illahi….


dieselfreak said...


I once hated my life so
Blaming everything, everyone because
Of my forlorn story

The separation that had happened
Was so hard to accept, that I drowned
Adrift in a sea of confusion

Yet when I surrendered my all
To the fate bestowed from the Almighty
The love that I lost had emerged once again
It’s as if I’m dreaming the day you returned, that
Gratified tears flowed down my face

In my heart I still question
Would the happiness last?
Yet in my heart of hearts I still believe
This is a blessing indeed

So on this most beautiful of mornings
Here we meet once again
The return of you that I never expected
Though I have kept this hatred in for far too long
All of it has now faded away

I accepted him
With all my heart
For I certain that all of this is
Is truly God’s bidding.

Hazry said...

nok, raya tu raya gak... tp jgn lupa cari idea utk hadiah bday abas tau! meks tgh konpius nih... bohemia crystal, handphone, china or lampu tido? hmm...

Hazry said...

Congrats to Ning & Chris yg akan melangsungkan pernikahan mereka on 31/1/2008. Tak sabar nak dgr SN menyanyi during their wedding reception nantas. Haras la meletas! And tak sabar nak wat open house Raya cum housewarming partas! Jgn lupa dtg ye Shaz! Strictly Selected guests only...

amril said...

bestnyer di hara raya
baju baru...
selamat hari raya