Friday, 21 January 2011

As I see your face


I bow in gratitude for the blessings the Almighty have bestowed upon me,

For in His infinite wisdom knows what I truly feel

It must have been destiny, written in some precise alignment of heavens and stars

That brought me to that place, to that moment, that impressive instant

As all sorrows and tribulations finally gave meaning and dissipate

As I see your face


Like the sun you are, shining like a beacon in the vastness of  space

Your smile glorious

Your eyes fire

Unbeknownst to you, you have brought light into my existence,

Energizing and invigorating feelings that have long held dormant

Unbeknownst to myself, my heart was inadvertently stolen

And I’m forever incomplete,  for you now hold that missing part of me


And just like the sun you are

That when your gone, the cold and darkness is torture

The yearning aching

The emptiness killing

How can you eclipse and fade from what I am certain deep down is true?

Do you not feel my warmth too?

Do you not realise that you are indeed the ONE

The place where I need not look any further

The end where I stop searching


Perhaps I didn't try hard enough

That maybe my words and actions inadequate

That my catalogue of missed opportunities, shortcomings and imperfections

Renders me just a speck

Incapable of competing with the millions of stars that revolve around you


So where does all this leave me now?

Should I hope against hope, forever carrying a torch for you like this?

Should I be grateful for whatever scraps you through my way?

Or should I just give up and return to my solitude.

Yes it may be cold and dark, but at least I’m safe (or so i try to convince myself)


I cant go on like this any longer, for I need a definite answer

Grace me with the words that I long to hear

Or be gentle with you final resolution

Anything! just please don't ignore me like this


So again I bow in gratitude for the blessings the Almighty have bestowed upon me,

For only He who knows what's stirring in me

I pray for the day that your sunlight will once again shine upon me

Like you did exactly one year ago at that place, that time, that instant

And surely then I will get my answer, my fate clearly written in your fiery eyes

As I see your face

As I see your face

As I see your face

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