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Hot Models Get Busy in Brooklyn Law Library

By Elie Mystalalt // 11 Nov 2010//

The library at Brooklyn Law School is fast becoming the most sexual law library in America. Last week, the class of 2010 dedicated a plaque inside the library warning students, “It’s supposed to be hard.” This week, we’ve learned that the law library also plays host to some hard bodies.

Apparently, Brooklyn Law allowed models from Diesel Jeans to use its law library for a photoshoot. The jeans didn’t stay on for long. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the law library for the 67th best law school in America….


A spokesperson for Brooklyn Law School told Above the Law how the photo shoot came about. Apparently school officials were caught a little bit off guard by the nature of the shoot:

Television and movie producers frequently ask for permission to use our beautiful facilities as a backdrop and we try to oblige when we can. When we gave Diesel jeans permission to do a photo shoot, we understood that jeans, and not what is worn under them, would be the subject of the shoot. We would not want to create the impression that the featured attire was approved by us.

Well, I for one approve of the featured attire. And really, I don’t think the issue is the clothing, so much as the setting. You know what I mean? Check out this desk:


Undoubtedly there is a Brooklyn Law student reading this post at that very desk. And I bet that person didn’t think to put on a condom before he started studying today.

But Brooklyn Law students shouldn’t be embarrassed by this use of their library. No really. It’s cool. I mean, take a look at this one. It’s very tasteful:


You can see the full photoshoot here.

Of course, the people in those pictures are just models. It’d be much more interesting if real Brooklyn Law students participated in this photoshoot. I bet a “Hotties of Brooklyn Law Calendar” would leave Cardozo and Fordham students ruing their choices.

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