Monday, 30 August 2010

Dieselfreak is now 3 years old



Three years ago I have launched this blog mainly with aim to share with my friends my DIESEL obsessions and proclivities. And a long the way I have offered glimpses of my personal life, the ranting and raving of a (so call) successful life. I am grateful for all the visits from everyone who stumbled upon this little corner of cyberspace and the feedback/comments given. To Renzo and co i.e. the good guys at Diesel S.p.A , I hope I am not in breach of any copy write protections, hehe… I am but a humble messenger spreading the good word of your ironic and whimsical ideals. Keep designer fabulous clothes and stay at the cutting edge of fashion always.

During the last year, perhaps the biggest achievement of mine is finally taking the plunge and buying a place to call my own. I hope construction will proceed with the minimum of hiccups and that by 2013, i will finally be able to open the door and put out the welcome mat to my ‘astana’.

I have also taken up a more active lifestyle, diligently (and almost religiously) going to the gym to improve my scrawny physique. I have to say that I am happy with the results I see in the mirror thus far. And the complements that I got doesn't hurt either, and further ignite my enthusiasm to do more.  

Also, Apart from the countless excursions to my second home (aka Singapore, hehe),  I have made my way to visit Jakarta and Bali for the first time: Modernity and tradition in contrasts. I came back with a feeling that both of our cultures share a rich history and heritage that it would be a shame to throw it all away on mindless and unnecessary misunderstandings. Like the saying goes: kita semua serumpun

Finally, though corny and nerdy as it may sound, embracing FB actually improved my social life tremendously hehe. Far from being cold and anonymous , I have the opportunity of getting to know and meet many new  friends. Going out to town or hitting the clubs is now all the more fun now that the pretence of walking up to strangers is somewhat diminished now that there is this common virtual denominator. 

Looking forward into the future I see endless possibilities. Perhaps one of the biggest event next year is the Eurotrip that I am so looking forward to. Cant wait to report to you live from the Diesel Flagship stores in Bond Street and Etienne Marcel. I have a feeling its gonna be tres magnifique! Winking smile

But till then, HAPPY 3RD ANNIVERSARY DIESELFREAK. May success begets success always…

ps: I hope u guys love the new slick layout. Its high time this site needs a refresh

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Happy B'day Shaz!!!