Monday, 3 May 2010

Taking a closer look

Last Saturday i took the afternoon of to send some documents and most importantly, settle the remaining 10% of the purchase price, leaving me very much in the poor house for the rest of the month huhu…  :(. But I figured its better to paying up now while I still have sufficient  necessary funds. With soo many temptations around, both in town and online, you would never now what I might have splurged on! I guess that from now on, financial discipline is of the utmost importance: not one of my best attributes though, sigh.

Anyhow, with that out of the way I am now ready for the next stage of the house buying process i.e. the signing of that ever important Sales & Purchase Agreement (SPA). The developer indicated that it would be ready by mid-May the earliest. So, if all goes according to plan, I can then proceed to apply the staff loan to settle the balance of the house price. Wish me luck guys…

Of course while I was there, naturally I visited the Astana Lumayan show house for the nth time, just to have a glimpse of what my dream home would look like come 2013. However, this time I have managed to take some sneak pics, before the pesky guard reprimanded us (‘tak boley ambik gambar ye encik’ katanya). Thus, here are most of the rooms on display, sans the living room. Hmm, I have a feeling Ill be staring these pictures for quite some time onwards, hehe…

Dining Area:

Astana Lumayan (3)



Astana Lumayan (2)

Master bedroom:



Main bathroom:


Bedroom 2:



FLOOR AREA: 1,207.94 sqf





    Structure : Reinforced Concrete

    Walls : Brick / Reinforced Concrete

    Roof : Metal Decking

    Ceiling : Entrance, Dining Area, Living Area, Bathrooms, All 3 Bedrooms – Plaster Ceiling; Others - Coat On Concrete Slab Asbestos. Free Ceiling Boards (Top Floors Only)

    Windows : Natural Anodized Window Frame With Clear Glass Panel

    Doors : Main Entrance - Solid Decorative Door Panel; Living - Aluminium Frame Glass Sliding Door; Others - Flush Door

    Floor Finishes : Living Area , Dining Area, Kitchen, All 3 Bedrooms & Entrance – Homogenous Polished Tiles (600mm x 600mm); 2 Bathrooms, Balcony & Dry Area – Ceramic Tiles (200mm x 200mm)

    Lockset : Quality Locksets

    Wall Finishes : Internal Walls - Plaster/Skim Coat & Paint; External Walls - Plaster & Paint; Kitchen & 2 Bathrooms - Ceramic Wall Tiles at full height

    Sanitary Fittings : Wash Basin (2 nos); Soap Holder (2 nos); Toilet Roll Holder (2 nos); Shower Rose (2 nos); Water Closet (2 nos); Big Tap (2 nos); Dry Area - (Water tap including outlet)

    Electrical Points : Lighting Point (18 points) with additional lighting points (excluding fittings) to suit the design of plaster ceiling being proposed; 13A SSO Point (17 points); Ceiling Fan Point (6 nos); TV Point (1 nos); Telephone Socket Outlet (2 nos); Air Conditioning Point (2 +3 points) complete with drainpipes and neon switch ; Water Heater Point (2 points)

    Others: Grill & Awning Works




    Green Technology Applied

    • Solar System
    • Rain Water Harvesting

    Security - Come home to a secure living space and peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

    • Security Guards – 24hrs
    • Access Card System
    • CCTV System

    Clubhouse - Indulge in the convenience of having almost everything at your doorstep.

    • Swimming Pool
    • Hotspots - Free Broadband Internet
    • Kindergarten
    • Salon
    • Launderette
    • Cafe
    • Grocery Shop
    • Cyber Cafe

    Other Facilities

    • Children's Playground
    • Surau
    • Function Hall


    Anonymous said...

    Cantik show unit dia. Maybe sebab takder barangan from Ikea

    dieselfreak said...

    Actually ada la a few, hehe... Lagipun rumah ad2 mana yg takde Ikea item... barangan wajib! ;p

    irwazna said...

    Hey! I pun beli condo ni... Tpi block b