Saturday, 5 September 2009

Flash for Fun!


Ready to hit the clubs for FW09, Diesel introduces Flash For Fun, a mini collection consisting of denim, T-shirts, sneakers and intimates that glows in the dark.

Created by the Diesel Creative Team, the line takes inspiration from people who work hard and play harder from day to night, without taking the time to change in between. Instead their clothes change for them! All this is made possible thanks to a special fluorescent coating which glares under UV lights, layered on top of the cotton and denim.6a00d83420b8e253ef0120a4c62ae2970b

In the day time, they appear non-descript, save for the funky designs and fading we all come to expect. Come night time, hidden graphics and motifs reveal themselves in the stitching.

On men's denim, Oriental dragon will appear on the back pockets, while disco ball's mini-mirrors or earphones will appear for the ladies. Tees and tanks reveal "the nocturnal alter egos' of clubbers' day looks with irreverent slogans that gleam against the dark backdrop of the club".

Get ready to reveal your inner chameleon…



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