Saturday, 1 August 2009

Diesel FW09 Advertising Campaign

After two seasons worth of bleak, cinema noir esque advertising campaigns, Diesel’s latest campaign is a welcome jolt of  90’s colour.

Shot by Jason Nocito (who is also responsible for the risqué Intimates campaign) this latest set features Diesel’s trademark ironic, nonsensical self-help tips on happiness reminiscent of its earlier, groundbreaking campaigns (like how to smoke 145 ciggies a day).

But don’t let that fool you into believing its all plain vanilla, for when read by less than pure (and definitely more imaginative) minds, these images actually reveal something much, much more sinister. Its already gotten rave reviews from Zoo Magazine:

Let your imagination run rabid with the new Diesel campaign – it’s got something for all the family and more. Fun, fun, fun (and obscure penis jokes) is back in fashion with the ALL-NEW ALL-COLOUR big, bright, brazen, bold, bonkers and beautiful Diesel Fall/Winter 2009 campaign.

In these voyeuristic, taboo-humping, iconoclastic spasms of a world mashed up by media, we follow many ridiculous “some-might-say-but-they-would-be-wrong” insane subplots conjured up by the mad scientist of the advertising game (the Diesel Creative Team).

Of course the models are beautiful: impotence-busting young women and sultry, slutty, teddy bear friend boys. Never have so many models so engagingly made love to no one, shared intimate moments with giant toy-bears, or been virulently attacked by feather dusters.

Fun Fact: The six day photo shoot  for this campaign yielded no less than 23,000 photos and used more than 3,000 items from the FW09 Diesel and Diesel Black Gold collection! Expect these colourful ads to impact in full force in September fashion and art magazines world-wide.
















































  • Client & agency: Diesel Italy
  • Photographer: Jason Nocito New York
  • Stylist: Avena Gallagher
  • Digital assistance and computer equipment: Da! PHOTOHOUSE
  • Production: Studio Arkadena

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    Anonymous said...

    New Diesel Timeframes video FW09 - The name of the piece? Ting Ling O'Connor. Shot while on a little vacation in Macao at teh municiple lodgings house at the Bowery, Ahsimes Government Service office, St Moritz, and East Indian Medical house, Bangalore. Actors were shipped economy to all locations. Starring Buster Wiles, ex navy seal balding stunt man with Mongolian cheekbones in a deeply penetrative state. Jimmy Dolgun, lanky jewish lad, and Dolguns snorting mother, Theodora.