Saturday, 18 July 2009

I ♥ this bag

I don't normally plug my Diesel conquests, but for this particular entry, I'm making an exception. It’s extra special because this is my very first Diesel bag, and its not just any bag… a DIESEL BLACK GOLD FW09 bag no less! Amo, amo, amo questa borsa!


Diesel-Black-Gold-Bag-Cromo-00XB96-PR607_1 Diesel-Black-Gold-Bag-Cromo-00XB96-PR607_2

Called ‘Cromo’, this fine piece of Italian craftsmanship is distressed in all the right places, and I particularly love the leather flap than conceals the side pocket… so vintage, rough and ready. Even better the ‘artisan techniques than run through the construction and fabrication of the  product enhances the authenticity and uniqueness of every single item’: Basically in lay speak it means that no two bags are alike. Though I am not sure who ‘Hobson & Sons Ltd.’ on the linen appliqué actually refer to. Anyway, I finally  have the perfect weekend bag that is just nice to carry my essentials, like a Burberry pullover for the movies (verangan tak? hehe…)

Bought  a couple of weeks ago at the Diesel store at the Forum Shopping Mall @ Singapore, it retails at a rather hefty SGD1,149 (although i did saw somewhere online that it is sold for an even whopping €479.95!). But thanks to some premium treatment accorded by the friendly staff, I managed to nab the bag at a very ‘special’ price ;). Thanks guys me ♥ u!


The rest of the FW09 collection is gearing up to be another winner. With extreme weather and jazz being the main theme for the Diesel and Diesel Black Gold collections, respectively. For more secrets from the Brave and what to expect, head along here. Or even better, go to the official website. Hmm… I just cant wait to do my bit for the Singaporean economy (again).


AlexandruCostin said...

Love Diesel black gold bags too! i`m gonna make one myself , i will post a picture with it when i am finnis hahah Cheers

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