Sunday, 17 May 2009

Welcome to the inner ‘Circle’

By Sharon Feiereisen //


Giorgio Armani has done it.  So has Roberto Cavalli and Vanity Fair’s Editor-in-Chief Graydon Carter.  Now, so is Diesel. The Italian denim label is unveiling their very first restaurant, Circle, on May 7th.

Located in Milan’s Tortona area, Circle is in the same building that houses Diesel’s Milan offices, and it is expected to be the first of several Diesel eateries. Diesel chief executive officer Renzo Rosso says the company’s new building in Manhattan’s Chelsea and in Diesel’s Braganze, Italy, headquarters are likely to be future locations.

A spokeswoman told WWD that Rosso is hoping that the new Diesel offices will be “more open to the city, with exhibition spaces and other common areas. A gym, a soccer field, a kindergarten are also planned for the new Braganze headquarters.”


Circle will be managed by Fabio Acampora and Sebastian Bernandez, the owners of Milan’s Exploit, Living and Refeel di Milano. Chef Diego Macchi will take charge of the menu. It is further being reported that the restaurant features a DJ booth and a horseshoe-shaped counter covered in a hazelnut-colored leather that separates the restaurant and lounge areas.  A chandelier with more than 8,300 lamps in an array of sizes and shapes, and vintage seats and tables are also featured.

As if these culinary exploits were not enough, Diesel is also launching an online radio station as part of its annual U:Music competition. Two selected artists or bands will be offered a world tour across 10 cities and a comprehensive program that includes music video production, merchandising, and studio space to support each of the winners. The two winners will be announced in June. 


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...and check out the music site here:

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