Monday, 24 March 2008

About F1 and AF

So the hottest race in town went off with a bang! Congratulations Ferarri on clinching top podium spot. Before anyone accused DIESELFREAK of being also an F1 freak, there is actually method to madness.

The night before the race, DIESELFEAK had the pleasure of attending the ING F1 Street Concert at Bukit Bintang, to witness none other than our diva Ning perform life in the open air concert. Of course one on the banes of being open air is that you will be at the mercy of the unpredictable weather. And merciless was the weather indeed, for it rained so heavily that what the concert was supposed to start at 6pm was delayed to 8pm.

Nevertheless Ning took to the stage at approximately 8.15pm to rouse up the 1,000+strong crowd. Singing classics like Fever, Fame and Awan Yang Terpilu, she glided through effortlessly and ended her performance with her latest single, Age of Pollution.

Her performance ended at around 8.40pm and not a moment to soon. Ning (and DIESELFREAK) did not linger to watch Ferhad, Reshmonu and All4One. Ning must either have a good set of wheels, or tight connections with the traffic police, or magic wings, cuz at 9.15pm, there she is on TV judging Akademi Fantasia. (Notice the same black tube underneath the jacket that she wore at the concert) How does she do it?! I guess thats a trade secret of livin' la vida diva.