Monday, 18 February 2008

Bristol calling

I recieved something very special in the mail today: my postgraduate prospectus from my old alma mater, the University of Bristol. Browsing through the pamphlets and looking at the pictures brought back many a fond memories back in my undergrad days there. Bliss...

I think i have mentioned this before, one of my broad ambitions for 2008 is to, godwilling, pursue my further studies. I think its about time to undertake this sabbatical, after 5 long years in the Bank. A break from slouching infront of the PC all day would be good, and taking up the semi-urgent lifestyle of a 'mature' student would be even better.

With the prospectus in hand, now begins the process of filling up forms (memo to self: need to order my result transcript) and preparing for scholarship presentations and interviews. Though nothing is set in stone yet, if all goes as planned, i intend to read Msc Economics, Finance & Management back in Bristol. I am also looking to other suitable courses, and in other uni's as well... maybe for a change of scenery i might try and apply the States or Australia.

So watch this space for further developments... fingers crossed Dieselfreak may finally update his latest shopping escapade at either the London, NY or San Fransisco flagship store.