Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Congratulations Ning

Today marks a new chapter in the life of my Diva. My Ning is officially a married woman! Congratulations Ning & Chris, may this will be a most blessed union of souls.

I have been a Ning fan since forever... I even rank her higher then my other idols, Madonna included (jangan mare hadzryzal). I remember buying my first Malay album in 1994, or cassette at that time, 'Ning' , just to test out the audio capabilites of the new hifi system my father bought. Ning was, after all the face and voice of Sony Tru-Vox. I was astounded by her voice: unique and soulful beyond anything that has been offered in the Malay music at that time.
My love affair with her continued unwavered, despite the episodes of ostracising and controversies that had plagued througout most of her early carrier. Yet Ning preserviered, like a pheonix rising from the ashes triumphant....she is a SURVIVOR. And the tears of joy when she went up on stage to recieve the AIM award of the swansong 'Awan Yang Terpilu' must have been felt by all of her fans throughout the nation, me included.

So once again, congratulations my dear Ning, may your soar to greater success in love, carreer and life...

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Hazry said...

bestnyer... bergambar ngan Ning during her bday party... pakai baju Diesel gitiew!