Saturday, 1 September 2007

The first day of the next 50 years

I wonder what it must feels like on this very day 50 years ago...

To wake up the morning after the night before, and what a grand night it must have been when our Father of Independence proclaimed MERDEKA for his people. After all the challenges and struggles, a new nation was born. I imagine the day to be very serene and dreamy: every sight, sound and smell all absorbed as if in slow motion. Everything presented itself differently in a new light, with a new meaning. And with a renewed sense of purpose.

Which brings us to today: 1 Sept 2007. After all the pomp and pageantry, the glittering lights and festivities, does what i feel today not that much different from those felt 50 years ago?

I shall never know... but what i do know is that merdeka day or not, we are all faced with challenges that extend beyond just a mere one day. For the struggle to achieve happiness, success and to make something out of our lives is a constant, neverending ordeal. I could only hope that yesterday's celebrations would give me the impetus and the motivation to persevere in the journey that is life.

So, happy 1st Sept Malaysia. Here's to the next 50 years of successful living.